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So, you were given the task to write an essay about movies and cinema. You may have even gotten the name of the movie you need to write about, but you get stuck with the beginning. What do you need to write? What details do you need to focus on in your essay? Writing an essay about movies and cinema sounds like a different task, like an essay that is much more fun than other topics.

However, it comes with its own challenges that can leave you staring at a blank slate. Are you wondering how to write an essay about a movie? Do you want to know what a film essay should include and where you should start? We have compiled a list of tips and tricks that will help you tackle this challenge successfully. Read them below.

write the movie essay

If you have to write an essay about a movie, you probably already know that you have to see the movie. Even if you’ve already watched it several times, watching it again will help you spot the details you want to include. Any essay on a film must delve into some aspects, such as the plot and the characters, but also the special effects and the music.

If you haven’t seen the movie before, watching it twice would help tremendously with your essay. Any edubirdie essay writer working in an essay writing service has written essays about film and movies and this would be the most valuable and useful tip. Any essay writer who would write my essay would advise me to do this. Watching the film twice is useful, since the first time you can focus on the story and plot, and the second time on stylistic elements, scenario execution, editing, etc. When watching the movie, it is crucial to take notes so that you can use examples in your essay from the movie.


One of the most crucial parts of writing any kind of essay, not just one about cinema and a specific movie, is the outline. Many students skip this part for various reasons. They may feel that they do not have enough time as the deadline is tight.

Or, they may not feel that an outline would help them much with their essay. However, you should know that an outline will help you structure your essay, so that you write one that is logical and coherent, but also clear and flowing. There are many movie elements you can talk about in a movie essay, and an outline will help you organize them.

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write the introduction

The introduction is the first part of the essay that the teacher or audience will read. It is the first contact with your essay, so you only need to present the film. Expose its title, release date and name of the director. This is the part of the essay where the main topic of the topic should be stated.

Be sure not to give too much information up front, as the body of the article is where you should expand your thesis statement the most. Don’t forget to include and write a thesis statement in the introduction of your movie essay where you lay out your main focus for the movie.

Summary of the movie

Your essay on movies and cinema should have an abstract that should be included in the body of the essay. For example, if you’re writing an essay about a specific movie, you might give a short summary right after the introduction. It’s crucial to imagine that your audience hasn’t seen the movie, so choose to focus only on the essential details. You may also have a word limit, so it is essential to follow it.


Every movie essay should include an analysis, in which you simply write your criticisms for the movie. It’s crucial to back up your arguments with facts and examples from the movie, so this is where your notes will come in really handy. Talk about the setting, the direction, the actors and their acting. But also, about music and artistic elements.

final thoughts

Writing a perfect essay on movies and cinema may seem like a challenge, but if you follow these simple tips and tricks, you will surely succeed. The essential part is to watch the movie at least twice and take notes as they will be valuable and support your claims. Do not skip the outline step as it helps you write a powerful, fluent and logical essay.

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