Women-only hackathon gives new ideas

How about a website to track a woman’s monthly period to help her better understand her menstrual cycle and deal more effectively with the physical and mental aspects that come with it? Designed by a technical team of students from Farook College, Kozhikode, the website involves a few simple steps. The user must mark the date of the start of the last period and the days it lasted before clicking on the “track your period” button.

This was one of the 125 open source projects conceived by women tech teams at Tink-Her-Hack, arguably one of the largest all-women hackathons in Kerala organized by Tinkerhub Foundation, a Kochi-based non-profit organization on December 17 and 18 which also works to increase the participation of women in the technology industry.

500 participants

“The 24-hour hackathon was held at five campuses across the state simultaneously, and 500 participants were divided into teams of four. Initially, almost 2,000 students applied for the event, and we had to shortlist 500 based on the quality of the projects they came up with. This was followed by a three-week online technology training for the participants with the help of women mentors to create projects,” said Ananya R., Women in Technology Advisor, Tinker Hub Foundation. The projects were evaluated by 20 female mentors and 10 professional judges.

The role of the startup mission

The hackathon was held with the support of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Cells (IEDCs) launched by the Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM) in educational institutions. With the help of KSUM, efforts are being made to increase the selected projects. In each location, the three best teams and the same number of projects were selected. Some of the selected projects were Medico Care, an application for collecting the entire treatment history and medical records of patients from different doctors and medical institutions, which allows a doctor to obtain a complete medical history of a patient by scanning a QR code; a discord bot implemented using Python that analyzes the user’s mood and recommends songs based on their emotions using Sentiment Analysis; app for those who love to travel by helping them connect with fellow travelers and even locals along the way.

“We are planning to organize one of the largest women only technical conferences in history in Kochi sometime around February. The idea is to conduct an even bigger hackathon and help further scale up the selected projects,” said Ms. Ananya.

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