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Re: ‘Eat your liberal heart’ | letters to the editor

Unfortunately, politics has become nasty, insulting, and rude, thanks to Trumpism.

So I was amused by a recent letter from Steve Goldsmith of Delray Beach. He suggested that his newspaper say that he “blown it” because he endorsed the extremely polite Charlie Crist instead of the braggart DeSantis (in the August primary).

Paper didn’t “ruin it.” He just endorsed a person who lost an election.

Now that DeSantis has won a second term, let’s see how long he tries to govern in a courteous manner or he will be encouraged to transport more people to other states like he did when he sent people to Martha’s Vineyard, promising jobs. Cuts? I do not think so. It was a nasty stunt, bordering on illegality, as it transported people across state lines and made victims of them.

Another letter writer said DeSantis handled Hurricane Ian well. Say oh! In Congress, he voted against federal disaster aid, as did Sens. Rubio and Scott, but he was quick to accept the money our president gave to those in need. They talk like arrogant bigwigs, but relent when they need help. He would do well for the governor of the state with the most hurricanes to work with the federal government instead of insulting the president and then reaching out to him.

Ellen Brown, West Palm Beach

The suspended and fired former Twitter employees are raising fears that because they are no longer employed, the company could implode and Elon Musk’s actions result in Twitter being shut down. One thing I learned early in my 42 years in senior management at a major international company is that the first person who thinks they can’t be replaced is the first person who needs to be replaced. Those former Twitter employees should keep this in mind as they go about their search for a new job.

Wayne Zimmerman, pembroke pines

I am an NPA voter because I believe in the country, not a political party that promotes lies and nonsense to get its candidates elected.

Modern technology makes it very easy to research fact-based data to find out who individual candidates are. I can investigate what they actually stand for, not just what they claim they stand for right now. Most importantly, I can see and quantify what they have actually done on issues that are important to me. I don’t take into account biased media stories or highly paid spin-meisters’ TV ads to determine which candidates to support.

harrywoodworth, Boynton Beach

The online Urban Dictionary notes that the word “awakening” refers to spiritual or intellectual enlightenment. So I had to laugh at Neal Bluestein’s last letter to the editor, “Get used to a DeSantis’ future.” where he praises DeSantis for saying, “Florida is where the awakening goes to die.”

Bluestein believes this means no critical race theory is taught in our schools, no sexual indoctrination of young students by school officials, and no biological men competing in sports against girls.

First of all, if you were a bit more “awake”, you might know that critical race theory is taught only in some law schools as an elective for upper division students. Second, I challenge you to find a single school official in Florida who has attempted to sexually indoctrinate young students.

Third, according to the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA), since 2013 only two transgender girls have competed in sports in our state.

In the future, Bluestein may want to consider giving “wake up” a try. It sure beats looking like a gullible anti-wake voter.

William Butte, deerfield beach

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