Why these two Bitgert products will change the game in the next few weeks – crypto experts


Bitgert (BRISE) remained one of the most attractive crypto projects in the industry this month, according to crypto analysts. The hype around this project, looking at Google search trends, is an indication that Bitgert is getting a lot of attention from the crypto community.

Bitgert is attracting a lot of attention mainly because of the disruptive products the team has created and their fast delivery. Bitgert is at the top of several crypto projects building real useful products, which has attracted a lot of attention.

Among the most notable products that have thrust Bitgert into the limelight is the world’s first gas-free blockchain. The BRC20 blockchain is still one of the most scalable and cheapest blockchains in the industry. Bitgert exchange, the first CEX trade without fees, is another great product.

However, the Bitgert team is now building more products on its V2 roadmap. Among them are DEX and decentralized markets. These are two products that crypto analysts believe will change the game in the next few weeks. Here’s why:

Bitgert official DEX

According to updates released by the Bitgert team, the DEX is in its final stages of development. According to the team, the Brise official DEX could be live before the end of this month. The decentralized exchange comes after the launch of CEX and will meet the needs of many blockchain users and even more traders looking for a fully decentralized exchange.

The official Bitgert DEX will also offer almost the same features as Brise CEX. Trading costs will be significantly low, while the speed of transactions and security of users’ assets will be at the highest level.

Therefore, it is an exchange that will answer the big challenges in current decentralized exchanges. It will be a game changing product.

Bitgert Decentralized Market

The next big product the Bitgert team is building is the much-anticipated decentralized marketplace. According to a crypto analyst, this is one of the products that is attracting the attention of investors due to the expected mass adoption.

A decentralized marketplace is a product that will get rid of middlemen in the marketplace and allow sellers and buyers to interact directly. This is a game changing product that will explode the demand for Brise coin. Note that $BRISE will be the payment currency on this platform. This is why this coin attracts many investors.

These are the disruptive Bitgert products expected to launch in the next few weeks. They are some of the key factors that make Brise coins do well in the market today.

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