Where to watch Jack Ryan Season 3

Find out where you can watch Jack Ryan Season 3, which promises even more conspiracy-fueled action.

Here’s everything you need to know about when and where to watch the third season of the thriller Jack Ryan series.

Aside from James Bond, few other characters have been as enduring in action and suspense in literature, film and TV as Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, who was introduced in the 1984 novel. Hunting for Red October. Since then, there was a natural inclination to bring Jack Ryan to the big screen, and he was the central character in five films before the first TV series premiered in 2018. Before John Krasinski took over the role, A-list stars including Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford and Ben Affleck played Jack Ryan, and each gave his own interpretation of Clancy’s protagonist.


The Jack Ryan The TV series started with the familiar premise of Ryan, a CIA agent, who uncovers some suspicious bank transfers from the Middle East which inevitably leads him into a dangerous world of murder and intrigue. After the second season of Jack Ryan ended in 2019, fans were relieved to learn that a third season was finally in the works.

You can watch the eagerly awaited, action-packed third season Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime Video from December 21.

Watch Jack Ryan Season 3 on Amazon Prime Video

What happened to Jack Ryan since season two?

Jack Ryan season 3 Ship

After uncovering a South American conspiracy that gets too personal, Season 2 Jack Ryan ended with Ryan threatening to kill the president of Venezuela. Although Ryan discovered that President Reyes had ordered assassinations and election rigging, holding an elected official at gunpoint on foreign soil is not the best option for a CIA agent. Despite the uncertainty of Ryan’s future working for the US government, in Season 3 he works as a CIA officer in Rome. From the season 3 announcement and the information that has been released, the upcoming EPs will feature a familiar story Air Force One, whose hero President James Marshall drew many comparisons to Jack Ryan. A rogue group of Soviet sympathizers is determined to restore the empire to its former glory and, of course, nuclear weapons are in the mix. When Jack Ryan begins to investigate, he discovers that this is just part of a larger conspiracy.

Several regular cast members They are Jack Ryan returns for a third season, including Wendell Pierce as James Greer and Michael Kelly as Mike November. Also, Michael Peña who plays Domingo ‘Ding’ Chavez will reportedly reunite with Jack Ryan at the end of this season. The appearance should serve as a starting point, as the favorite of past Tom Clancy novels and films will star in the spin-off series. Especially, Jack Ryan will be managed by a new showrunner, Star Trek: Discovery co-produced by Vaun Wilmott, as the show heads into its fourth and final season.

Where to watch Jack Ryan Season 3

Michael Pena as Domingo Chavez in Jack Ryan

Season 3 of 8 episodes Jack Ryan is sure to pack a lot of plot and action, and will be available to watch on December 21st only on Amazon Prime Video.

Watch Jack Ryan Season 3 on Amazon Prime Video

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