Wednesday is not a tribute to Harry Potter or Percy Jackson, says the Creator

Wednesday co-creator Miles Millar explains why the Netflix series is not a tribute to the novels about Harry Potter and Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

Wednesday co-creator Miles Millar claimed that the Netflix series was not inspired Harry Potter or Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Millar revealed Wednesdaysimilarities with Harry Potter and Percy Jackson the novels were not meant to be taken as homages to the franchises. When asked if any of the notable titles from young adult fiction influenced the Netflix series, the creator admitted that they did WednesdayThe developers were fans of the genre, but additionally stated that the series mostly imitated the works of horror movie author Stephen King and director Tim Burton. Millar further claimed that they were particularly inspired by King’s ensemble of teenage protagonists and the author’s consistent use of small rural towns as the primary setting of his novels.

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“It was no homage Percy Jackson or anything like that, or Harry Potter, but as soon as you get to boarding school, the comparisons are there,” Millar explained. “We struggled with that at first, in terms of, if we’re doing a teenage Wednesday Addams, is it funny if she’s an outdoor chick in a regular high school? But then we felt that every day he should go back to the family and we kind of wanted her to leave the family.”

The creator continued: “And then the second thing in the boarding school offer was the boarding school in the world The Addams Family. So see, where did Gomez and Morticia go to school? What is that? How do these people exist in this real world? So that got us excited in terms of opening up and expanding the world The Addams Family, and this is something that, I think, certainly intrigued people. Now we have an opportunity in future seasons to really expand that world, and what’s great is that no one has really explored this part The Addams Familyso it’s a really fresh canvas that we’re excited to draw on.”

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Fans can’t get enough of Wednesdays

Based on the long-running film by animator Charles Addams The Addams Family franchise, Wednesday centers on the eponymous daughter of a creepy family as she attends her first year at the notorious renegade boarding school, Nevermore Academy. The Netflix series quickly became a massive hit after its November 23 premiere, with a report from information, data and market measurement company Nielsen stating that Wednesday it garnered nearly 6 billion minutes of views in its first week of release.

1st season Wednesday is available to stream on Netflix.

Source: The Hollywood Report

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