Victorian Man Personalized Plates Banned By Political Slogan

A Victorian man has criticized state highway authorities after they blocked his personalized number plates.

The man, who gave only Peter’s name, said his ‘DANOUT’ plates were labeled “offensive” to Prime Minister Daniel Andrews, who is currently campaigning for votes with state elections just around the corner.

Speaking to 3AW on Monday, Peter said the decision to remove his paid license plates, which did not contain obscenities, was a violation of free speech.

He said he previously purchased license plates with political messages in the past, pasting ‘RUDDUD’ on the back of his vehicle during Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s leadership.

“Free speech is obviously not allowed in Victoria,” he told 3AW presenter Tom Elliott.

“I don’t know, I’ll have to do something different now.

“I am very upset. I don’t know how I got rid of all these years since 2008 with RUDDUD boards.

I still have them. I’ll tell you, back in 2008, they were a huge hit in Canberra.”

Members of the public were similarly outraged that the state apparently clamped down on messages that could hinder the Andrews government’s election to a third term.

“What is this state coming to? What’s offensive about this? If this kind of thing is so offensive to Dan and his group of supporters, why not ban all political ads? I bet if the license plate said DANIN, wouldn’t that have been a problem?” one person commented.

Andrews is currently fighting to continue his reign over Victoria after sparking considerable backlash over the state’s Covid-19 policies, including Melbourne’s 100-day lockdown in 2020.

Peter Dutton told his federal colleagues this week that the Victorian prime minister “deserves to go” before the state election.

The opposition leader was on his way to the joint Coalition party room on Tuesday morning when he wished Liberal state leader Matthew Guy well before Saturday’s election.

“Daniel Andrews deserves to go,” Dutton said, according to a party spokesman.

“Victorians deserve a change and a fresh start after a difficult few years.”

A new Resolve poll, commissioned by Nine Newspapers, revealed that the race between Andrews and Guy was narrowing as the campaign entered its final days.

Dutton isn’t the only federal politician weighing in on the upcoming state elections. Clive Palmer’s man in the Senate, Ralph Babet, called the prime minister “desperate” in his re-election bid.

“The Victorian prime minister has been reduced to funding netball teams and accusing anyone who doesn’t approve of being a Nazi,” he told the Senate.

“He gave this wake-up netball team $15 million, taxpayer money that could have paid for about 200 paramedics in a state where people are dying at home waiting for an ambulance to arrive.

“Just when you thought he couldn’t divide the community any further, he starts smearing anyone who thinks differently.

“What happened to the kinder, gentler policy that Federal Labor promised? Where is that in Victoria? There are no Nazis in Victorian Parliament, but there is a tyrant who must go.”

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