Top 10 Best Selling Novels in Jharkhand in 2022


Ranchi, Dec 30: As 2022 draws to a close, here is a list of the top 10 most read and bought books by Jharkhand readers this year.

India, Bharat and Pakistan: A Constitutional Journey of a Sandwiched Civilization

by J Sai Deepak

The book ‘India, Bharat and Pakistan’, the second book in the Bharat Trilogy, takes the discussion further than its bestselling predecessor, India That Is Bharat. It explores the combined impact of European and Middle Eastern colonialism on Bharat as the successor state of Indian civilization and on the origins of the Indian constitution.

One of the aims of this book is to help the reader draw parallels between the challenges faced by Indian civilization in the tumultuous period from 1740 to 1924 and today.

Magicians from Mazda

by Ashwin Sanghi

The book is part of his top-ranking ‘Bharat Series’ and travels backwards – through the epochs of Islamic jihad, Macedonian revenge, Achaemenid glory, messianic birth, Aryan schism to the Vedic source where it all began.

Being a complete outsider, the man is amazed at the enormous and honest effort he has made. I might say, it is an Indian tribute to his brothers who came all the way to escape their persecution. Not only did they become one with the land they adopted, but they also enriched it.

A place called home

by Preeti Shenoy

In A Place Called Home, author Preeti Shenoy explores the idea of ​​family and finding oneself. It is a realistic romance novel with sharpness and finesse. It had a very morally gray plot and a sense of charm about it. The book is beautifully written and was a pleasure to read. He was quick and had a simple language.

Rebels Against Paradise: India’s Western Freedom Fighters

Ramachandra Guha

Rebels Against Paradise tells the story of seven people who decided to fight for a land that was not theirs: foreigners in India who arrived in the late 19th and late 20th centuries to join a freedom movement fighting for independence from the British colonial authorities.

To heaven

written by Hanya Yanagihara

‘To Heaven’, Hanya Yanagihara’s huge, complex sequel to her Booker-shortlisted Little Life, is a novel with many faces. It is about colonialism and racism in today’s America; or that it is a queer counterfactual history (and future) that asks what would happen if sexuality were destigmatized (and then stigmatized); or, an elegy for the lost kingdom of Hawaii.

A living mountain

by Amitav Ghosh

In many ways, Amitav Ghosh’s thin fairy tale, ‘The Living Mountain’, seems to fit into India’s colorful growth story in 2022. In many ways, Amitav Ghosh’s thin fairy tale seems to fit into India’s colorful growth story in 2022. It is also a warning : a fairy tale for our time, as Remen says. It taps into the expectation of poetic turns of phrase and morally ambiguous characters entangled in minute plots.


by Wajid Tabassum

The story is set in the aristocratic society of Hyderabad in the 1950s. Tabassum is known for her depiction of the reality of the society in which she lived in conflict with the critical reviews of the self-proclaimed guardians of the culture of the period. This book presents some of the bravest short stories about failed marriages, lascivious nawabs, cunning servants, lecherous begums and more; along with the story of the author’s life.

To hell and back

by Barkha Dutt

When the shutdown due to the coronavirus pandemic was first announced in 2020, acclaimed journalist Barkha Dutt began a series of trips. On this trip, she recorded people’s stories during the pandemic. In this book, he talks about India during the pandemic through the stories of workers, politicians, businessmen, doctors, nurses, teachers, students, families and others.

The city of the incident

by Annie Zaidi

Annie Zaidi in ‘City of Incident’ shows the life of six men and six women. Each of these characters struggles to keep up with life in a metropolis that offers them little hope, power, and opportunity for redemption. The stories of these individuals intertwine and offer readers a disturbing picture of the lives that continue at the edges of our vision. These are random people you may have seen in a car, on the subway, or read about in the pages of the daily newspaper. The kind of people who don’t catch anyone’s attention until the moment strikes.

Burning questions

by Margaret Atwood

‘Burning Questions’ is a clever title for Margaret Atwood’s new book of essays and occasional articles. It also reflects the urgency of topics dear to her – literature, feminism, the environment, human rights – and their flammability, the risk that she could burn herself by writing about them.

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