These authors made an impression in 2022

The end of the year is when we look at some books that left an impression.

In fiction, “Honor” by former Beacon Journal reporter Thrity Umrigar is a powerful book about love and sacrifice. “Sisters of the Sweetwater Fury” is Akron native Kinley Bryan’s admirable debut novel about the devastating storm on Lake Huron in 1913. “A Light Beyond the Trenches” by Akron author Alan Hlad presents the unusual perspective of a German soldier in the First World War , a Jew blinded in battle who learns to work with a guide dog.


Cuyahoga Falls author Karen J. Hasley concludes her excellent four-book A New Hope series of historical westerns with “A Glimpse and Gone Forever,” about the troubles of small-town Nebraska in the 1880s. Another historical novel, “The Doctor’s Daughter,” by Cleveland native Martha Conway, is about a persistent woman in the immediate aftermath of the Civil War. Tallmadge author Amanda Flower moved away from romance with For I Could Not Stop for Death, in which Emily Dickinson and her maid solve a murder.

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