These 6 conferences should be part of every Crypto Exec’s 2023 event calendar.

With countless Web3 and crypto events happening all over the world and with more and more popping up every year, it can be hard to filter through the noise and identify the ones that matter.

I’ve worked with crypto founders and executives for the better part of a decade, helping them formulate their PR and event strategies, and personally attended many crypto events. Based on that knowledge and input from other industry leaders, here is a list of the top crypto events that should be on every executive’s radar for 2023.

ETHDenver, March 2-5 in Denver – Held every winter in Denver, ETHDenver is the largest hackathon and gathering for Ethereum and other blockchain developers in the world. But it’s much more than just a conference and hackathon – it’s an opportunity to experience workshops, art installations, pop-ups, live music and networking, all with other crypto enthusiasts. It feels more like a festival than a conference, which makes it a huge draw for the crypto community year after year. One of the best things about ETHDenver is that it’s free to attend – you just have to pre-register on their website.

NFT.NYC, April 12-14 in NYC – While the hype surrounding so-called profile NFTs has died down, the promise of digital collectibles has never been more apparent. This is going to be a big year for NFTs in gaming, the metaverse, brand loyalty, sports and beyond; making NFT.NYC a not-to-be-missed event for industry-focused founders. Speaker applications for NFT.NYC are open until February 10th here. Grit Daily’s Jordan French will return to speak in 2023, and Grit Daily will return to host its annual Speakers and Media Dinner in New York City on April 12th.

CoinDesk Consensus Festival, April 26-28 in Austin – Hosted by the most recognizable media brand in crypto, CoinDesk Consensus attracts many of the top thought leaders, executives, journalists and builders in the space year after year, going back to 2015. Having outgrown its New York location, Consensus is now held in downtown Austin and is sure to attract both crypto and TradFi players to explore what lies ahead for the industry in 2023 and beyond. Speaker applications they are open until March 3. Grit Daily will host the Consensus Festival Media Stage at the Grit Daily House as an official satellite event, with its indoor podcast studio with 3 microphones and a stage surrounded by a private bartender and private chef on April 26th and 27th. CryptoMondays and Lou Kerner are scheduled to return in 2023.

Without permission, September 11-13 in Austin – Permissionless is hosted by Blockworks and Bankless, two more famously recognizable media brands in Web3. It’s no surprise that their inaugural event last year generated a lot of attention, attracting 5,500 attendees and making it a must-see on the crypto conference calendar for 2023. With a focus on DeFi, Permissionless is aimed at both builders and investors thinking about the future of finance. Sign up to speak on the show here.

Messari Mainnet, September 20-22 in NYC – Messari is known for delivering cutting-edge data, analytics and research to the crypto sector, and its annual Mainnet event builds on these insights to give investors and industry leaders an edge over the competition. In addition to conference programming, this year’s event promises to also rely on experiential learning, collaboration and networking opportunities.

Money 20/20, October 22-25 in Las Vegas – Money20/20 is not a crypto conference, but it has become one of the best places for crypto leaders to meet key players in the financial services industry, as well as in all areas of payments and fintech. Money20/20 is the right place for any crypto executive looking to partner with institutions or payment service providers this year.

In addition to those American conferences, there are countless crypto events held around the world, from London to Paris to Singapore and pretty much everywhere in between. Depending on your audience and target market, it’s worth identifying which international events are worth your investment. The Crypto Nomads Club folks did great running list events to check.

Which Web3 and crypto events are you planning to attend? Any big ones we missed? Let the Grit Daily team know in the comments below.

And if you need help planning your crypto event strategy for 2023, including Grit Daily’s satellite events at each of the events listed above, answer me or contact the Grit Daily events team.

Molly Glennon is a contributor to Grit Daily. She is Vice President and Head of Crypto at Ditto PR, where she focuses on communications strategy and execution for the agency’s crypto and blockchain clients. She also leads the agency’s Web3 training, new business and recruiting efforts. Prior to joining Ditto in 2021, she was Vice President at Transform PR, the first dedicated PR firm in the blockchain industry dating back to 2014.

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