The upcoming new Twilight books may fix the movie’s bad ending

While the completion Twilight The saga has been divisive among the franchise’s large audience, the upcoming books in the series could save it. although Twilight books (and the films adapted from them) were a huge success, the saga was met with a lot of criticism after its release. Some of the negative reviews that are Twilight The saga received little more than a shot at the franchise’s teenage fan base, but, even among core fans, some valid criticisms surfaced.


Whether it’s the plot holes with Bella and Charlie Twilight relationship or lack of involvement in the story of the first sequel, there were many honest criticisms of the account Twilight movies. However, the biggest problem viewers had with Twilight films was an irresistible ending to the last part of the series, Breaking Dawn Part 2. infamous, Breaking Dawn Part 2 staged a brutal, bloody battle sequence that killed scores of heroes and villains, only for the film to reveal that it was all a dream. Luckily, Stephenie Meyers has two more Twilight planned books, which means that the franchise can fix this mistake.

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How future plans for Stephenie Meyers’ Twilight could capitalize on the franchise

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During the 2020 virtual event, Stephenie Meyers said A million books that she was busy with original ideas and wanted to do something new before writing more Twilights. Howeverthe author said that she has plots ready for two more Twilight books. Twilightthe original sequel Eternal dawn would have seen the series end after only two installments, but Meyers reworked the plot to add a pair of sequels between the first and last novels. In 2020, Meyers clarified that there are two more books set in the world Twilight which she wanted to write, which means that the author is open to expanding the world of the series again.

Meyers’ plans for the future Twilight franchise could redeem the ending of the original saga, which was a surprisingly tame and uneventful finale to a dramatic series. Although all the main characters got their happy ending, Breaking Dawn Part 2The ending, however, left a vocal section of the fan base disappointed when the finale promised a big battle but failed to deliver on this. Twilightthe best film adaptation Overshadow changed the story of the original novel so that the adaptation could focus more on the dramatic, cinematic action and Breaking Dawn Part 2Failure to do the same could be remedied by a new one Twilight books that provide a superior, more fitting ending to the franchise.

Twilight Retellings Slowed Down the Franchise (But Proved It Still Has an Audience)

Midnight Sun Edward killed Bella Twilight

Whether 2015 is gender biased Life and death or the 2020s The midnight sun (which was the original Twilight book, but retold from Edward’s POV), Meyers was too busy working on rewriting the original book to go ahead and tell a new Twilight stories. However, while this hindered the franchise’s progress, the retellings also served a vital purpose. These novels and their financial success proved that there is still an audience for new ones Twilight book, which wasn’t clear after the critical failure of recent paranormal romances like 2021’s Dracula retelling Invitation.

The midnight sun was a bestseller, providing solid evidence that it was new Twilight a film or television reboot of the franchise could be financially viable. although Twilight novels and their film adaptations that originally appealed to teenagers now entering their thirties, the franchise clearly has an enduring appeal that time has not diminished. This is promising news for Meyers’ two upcoming Twilight books, which would probably be successful enough to prompt an adaptation. While The midnight sun I never got the movie (nor did it Life or death), primarily because they were retellings of the original novel and were not true Twilight sequels.

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The new Twilight movie could completely change his reputation

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While he had Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart coming back for a new one Twilight film would be an impressive achievement, recasting them would be out of the question given their cultural impact. Meanwhile, although resurgence in popularity Twilight the series you enjoy seems to have declined from 2017 to 2020, that doesn’t mean it’s new Twilight the film wouldn’t be able to recapture the appeal of the earlier installments just as Meyers’ retellings recaptured the appeal of her earlier novels. The Twilight saga grossed a whopping $3.3 billion at the box office, and it’s unlikely that any franchise with that much earning potential has faded from public consciousness.

However, for the new one Twilight for a spinoff to succeed, the project would need to redefine the focus of the series. Meyers has already clarified that she will not prescribe anything else Twilight novels from Edward’s perspective and the author is right to take this approach, as a clever gimmick could become tiresome with the second novel. Instead, a new one Twilight the reboot should not focus on older versions of the existing characters, but on a character who is the same age as Bella, Jacob and Edward when the series started. Like that, TwilightThe sequels should redeem Renesmee.

Redeeming Twilight’s reputation could create another great movie franchise

why host failed where twilight succeeded

If new Twilight novels centered on Renesmee, this could turn the complicated legacy of the existing saga into a fun revival. Instead of delving deeper into Edward’s dark backstory and creating tragic, overblown elements Twilight A saga at the heart of the story, the new reboot of the franchise could focus on Bella and Edward’s young daughter to give the series a fresh new perspective. Meyers has already stated that she wants to work on new projects as well, and her next works would have a better chance of success if her name was associated with an entertainment reboot rather than Twilight the saga’s divisive original ending.

One high-budget adaptation of Meyers’s work has already sunk like a stone and hit the critics because Twilightthe shameful reputation of the humorless series. However, Hostrecapture failure Twilightsuccess can be seen as proof that Twilight saga deserves a more entertaining, self-aware reboot focused on Renesmee’s story to reignite interest in Meyers’ writing. If the upcoming Twilight novels have this approach, there is no limit to where the world of the show can go in the future and how many franchises its author could create.

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