The sci-fi romance sequel to the popular time travel novel, “The Winding,” is out February 1

The second installment in the Time Corrector trilogy, titled “The Movement,” promises more action, passion, and complex narratives that weave in and out of timelines and defy being pigeonholed into a single genre. Can Vincent stop Vandal from destroying everything he cares about and turn back time so he can find happiness and love? Fans will get the answers when the book is released on February 1, 2023.

Charleston, SC, January 31, 2023 —(– Vincent Abajian, the charismatic CEO of Quantum World, is back with a new set of temporal paradoxes and traps to solve in “Movement,” the long-awaited sequel to ” The Winding”, published in 2021. This is the second book in the Time Corrector series written by Avi Datta, professor and novelist.

“What sets my book apart is its non-linear structure, vivid depictions of scenes and intractable romantic feelings that are expressed only through body language. The story has multiple points of view, a dramatic climax and is not tied to a specific genre,” says Datta.

The book begins in April 2027, several years after “The Winding,” and immediately plunges the reader into an intense drama: Vincent must save an injured woman while battling the mysterious Vandal. Vincent’s unique ability to “correct” time by entering a time/space warp is the heart of the novel. He must make split-second decisions that often have unintended consequences for the past, present, and future.

Vincent is still haunted by the death of his first love, Akane. In the previous book, an alternate reality version of her, named Emika, provided him with temporary comfort, but their relationship fell apart. In this sequel, Emika gives birth to a child whose father is Vincent and knows that she must keep it a secret from him. That might prove difficult when they meet at a conference where Vincent plans to present The Mind, Quantum World’s latest device that promises to finally merge the human brain with artificial intelligence.

“The Winding” won the Global Book Award Gold Medal in the Sci-Fi Romance category and Reader’s Favorite Top Sci-Fi/Time Travel Fiction. “The Movement” received praise from many early reviewers.

“The novel offers plenty of perspective and surprises, and Datta takes great care to guide readers through a maze of time jumps, AI surprises, alternate histories, and Jack Kirby visions… This time-shifting epic blends sci-fi, romance, and adventure on the grandest scale.” — Booklife, Publisher’s Weekly

“Combining mythology, cyberpunk, and hard science fiction, ‘The Movement’ offers a fascinating mix of reality and time frames that both stun and entertain the mind” — San Francisco Book Review

“Avi Datta’s ‘The Movement’ continues Vincent’s sci-fi adventure with an intricate depiction of love, time travel, artificial intelligence and other thought-provoking sci-fi themes” — Manhattan Book Review

“The Movement” is available at all major online stores, including Amazon.

about the author

Avi Datta is a professor of strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship at Illinois State University. He is also affiliated with the Innovation Research Institute at Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo, Japan. He is also a passionate painter, coffee lover and watch collector. He is planning a third book in the Time Corrector series, called “The Reset”, to be published in 2024.

Avi works with Bublish, whose mission is to empower entrepreneurial authors with the tools, resources and programs they need to succeed in today’s competitive book market.

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