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Many people here and beyond are grateful that the 2022 General Election is over, for the most part, and that the talks surrounding today’s election “turkey tables” it might mean talking less about politics and more about family cohesion and mutual care, concern and love.

In fact, there is much to be thankful for on numerous fronts at this first of the year-end festivities.

Here are several:

All families should be grateful for the significant progress made in the battle against the coronavirus, a scourge that just two years ago had virtually every household in its deadly crosshairs, in the United States, and indeed throughout the rest of the world. .

Be thankful for family members who have overcome COVID-19 and other illnesses, or other types of adversity, including the deterioration of family life and personal relationships.

Never forget to be grateful to your own children who excel in school, college, as members of the military, or in a job of their choosing, and otherwise embracing respect and dedication on the ever-challenging path to getting the most out of it. their lives. .

Be sure to recognize and be grateful for the strength of this nation and its leaders at all levels who are working hard for the benefit of those they serve.

Reflect fondly on the community improvements, new businesses, and other positive endeavors the past 12 months have brought.

Be thankful for the privilege of being an American.

And, of course, be thankful for those whose holidays consist first of all in trying to help those in need, which includes helping serve Thanksgiving dinner to the poor and homeless.

With all that said, it’s important to note on this day of appreciation that this country needs a strong dose of medicine to ease the hatred and animosity, considering all that has happened in recent years.

You need advice on the best way to overcome setbacks and disappointments – how to turn setbacks into success-oriented strides.

Give thanks—give thanks—for your personal ability to resist temptations aimed at undermining and dividing, as well as for your right to decide, based on your own personal beliefs and convictions.

Thanksgiving has a central and obvious purpose and goal, but it is so much more for those who are willing to open their hearts to what is good.

Use the spirit of this day as a start toward something better for yourself, your community, your state, and your nation, and approach the future with more optimism than uncertainty or pessimism.

The word “optimism” is an integral ingredient in the word “Thank you,” albeit silent. Wall Street Journal editor Clare Ansberry focused on “optimism in the midst of gratitude” — just like Thanksgiving — in a November 21, 2019 Journal article that remains as relevant to many families today as it was then.

under the headline “As parents get older, families grapple with how to uphold traditions,” ansberry wrote:

“There comes a time when mom and dad can no longer host 30 people in the house, or they can’t afford the cost, or they get so tired that it takes them two weeks to recover. If they can no longer provide that leadership and bring the family together, someone has to take the lead. If no one does, then the family risks becoming a diminished version of itself.

No doubt thousands of families have wrestled with that reality to this day and hopefully made the right decisions.

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