The Devil is back in a new Yen Press collection

Yen Press has announced some of its offerings for 2023, including a new The Devil is a Part-Timer collection and several manga series and light novels.

hit manga, The devil works part time! will have a new set of original stories thanks to Yen Press. The publisher recently revealed a full slate of upcoming manga, manhwa, and light novel adaptations. New series, new translations and plenty of variety for fans will be available in the near future.

On TwitterYen Press shared the news of the upcoming release The devil works part time! The official anthology of comics. It will feature new original stories. The publisher’s flurry of announcements also revealed four additional manga series, four novels, and a new manhwa. It includes a series of fantastic adventures, some comedy and a slice of life.


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Yen Press brings new novels, manga and manhwa

The reformation of the world under the supervision of a realistic demon king is an isekai fantasy focused on Astaroth, who is reincarnated as the 72nd demon king, and the world he rules. It began as a light novel series in 2019, created by Ryousuke Hata, and has a manga adaptation by Manatsu Suzuki. Saint? No, only the monster tamer passes is a fantasy adventure created by Inumajin and iidatoy. Follow Kinata, a girl with powerful magic and because of this he is believed to be a saint who decided to be a monster tamer.

yen press manga and manhwa

My friend is a nice gentleman is a dramatic fantasy from Arata Asanae. Toushirou becomes a servant to Alex, who is a diplomat – and a cat! Secrets of the silent witch is also a fantasy adventure series created by Matsuri Isora and Tobi Tana, with character designs by Nanna Fujimi. Yen Press’ offerings also include the manwha series, Imitation. Written and illustrated by Kyung-ran Park, the romantic comedy involves an idol named Ma-Ha who goes viral for the wrong reasons.

Yen Press brings film adaptations of novels and more!

suzume, konosuba and our last crusade light novels

Along with all the new comics, Yen Press will also publish several new novels, including Suzumewhich adapts the animated film by director Makoto Shinkai (known for Your name). Shinkai wrote the adaptation, which will likely be a treat for fans of his work. The story follows Suzume Iwato who stumbles upon a boy who is looking into abandoned gates and ruins – which leads to an encounter with ghosts. Appearance is all you need is a fantastic slice-of-life light novel by Ghost Mikawa and necömi.

Konosuba: God’s blessing to this wonderful world! Fantastic days is a comedic isekai fantasy by Natuma Akatsuki and Kasumi Morino. It is inspired by the anime RPG of the same name, Konosuba: Fantastic days. Our Last Crusade or The Rise of the New World: The Secret Filesimilar to The devil works part time!is a collection of short stories whose stories take place in the world Our last crusade a series of light novels with a manga adaptation. The creative team of this romantic fantasy novel consists of Kei Sazane and Ao Nekonabe. Each of these offers will be published by Yen Press later this year.

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