Son of a Colt, a sex novel by Indy author Dan Wakefield

INDIANAPOLIS — Mark Pellington remembers his NFL father as kind-hearted, quiet, a deep thinker and a lover of books. After Bill Pellington’s 12-year career with the Baltimore Colts ended in 1964, a career during which the brutal linebacker was called one of the “meanest and dirtiest” to ever play in the NFL, he joined the Literary Guild Book Club.

And, in July 1970, the guild’s choice of reading was “Going All the Way,” by Dan Wakefield of Indianapolis. Bill Pellington got the book, read it and put it on the shelf.

Baltimore Colts linebacker Bill Pellington was named one of them "the dirtiest and meanest" in the NFL during his 12-year career with the team.

Mark Pellington was 14 years old when he entered his father’s den filled with volumes of Encyclopaedia Britannica, biographies and archives of novels.

“I remember looking on the shelves and seeing ‘Going All the Way,'” Mark Pellington said. – The title attracts you when you are 14 years old. It sounded rude, so he opened it.

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