Safe Boats partners with an autonomous technology provider

November 22, 2022

Mythos’ first Safe Porter 78S autonomous hydrographic survey vessel, the ArchieOne. Safe Boats Photo

Sure Boats International has formed a production partnership with West Palm Beach, Florida-based autonomous maritime technology provider, AI Myths.

based in Bremerton, Wash. Sure Boats has delivered a purpose-built Porter 78S workboat to Mythos which will be unveiled next week 2022 International Labor Boat Show in New Orleans.

The Porter 78S survey boat with an aluminum hull and external propulsion, built under an exclusive license agreement with assault job Boats from the Netherlands, is designed to integrate the Mythos autonomous hydrographic survey control and self-driving system.

Mythos’s first freelancer Sure Porter 78S Hydrographic Survey Vessel, archieoneis fully equipped and in service, collecting data and demonstrating its capabilities to hydrographic survey stakeholders in the southeastern US. The second vessel is nearing completion and future construction is scheduled for 2023 and beyond.

SURE Boats CEO Richard Schwarz made the following statement about the partnership with Mythos AI: “Sure Boats was drawn to Mythos AI’s focused and realistic application of autonomous car and self-driving technology to solve workflow inefficiencies for workboat operators,” said Sure Boats CEO Richard Schwarz. “His team has a fresh approach to addressing this underserved space and has developed exciting capabilities in a short period of time. It’s exciting to be a critical partner and witness their technology roll out.”

Mythos takes autonomous driving technology derived from automobiles and applies it to the more manageable maritime environment. archieone, the initial product offering from Mythos AI, is a vertically integrated autonomous survey vessel. Hydrographic surveys require a specialized skill set and the ability to rapidly interpret various environmental details. They are conducted at low speeds where maintaining heading and coverage requirements manually is challenging while executing dynamic routing to avoid obstacles and collisions on congested waterways.

The Mythos system guides operators through the high-fidelity multibeam sonar data acquisition process from start to finish, layering autonomous QA and autonomous driving to reduce human error, and in turn increases tenfold the efficiency of the studies. .

“Mythos AI sought Sure Boats as your production partner for proven quality, discipline and precision in replication boats for large programs,” said Mythos AI CEO Geoff Douglass. “Commercial autonomous robotics and autonomous systems require a level of engineering and manufacturing discipline that is hard to find in shipbuilding. The team of Sure He had this discipline and was a great program partner from start to finish. Sure Boats and the Stormer Porter 78S are the ideal builder and boat platform for our initial market offering.”

The Porter 78S is an 8m x 3m aluminum workboat powered by twin outboard motors with a large wheelhouse and deck work area including a moonpool for multibeam sonar deployment. The Porter range of work boats are offered by Sure in internal and external configurations from 6.5 m to 12 m.

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