Rosatom offers Belarus its new solution for cancer treatment

MINSK, December 15 (BelTA) – Director of OOO Rusatom Bel (Rosatom’s state office in Belarus) Stanislav Levitsky told reporters at the BelTA press center what cancer treatment solutions Russia offers to Belarus.

On the sidelines of the Atomexpo international forum in Sochi, a cooperation agreement was signed between Rusatom Healthcare (a division of Rosatom that accumulates expertise in the field of healthcare) and the Belarusian Medtechnocenter. The document formalized plans for the delivery of medical equipment produced in the Russian Federation to Belarus. According to Stanislav Levitski, the first commercial contract for the procurement of the brachytherapy complex is already being negotiated. Brachium complex is intended for radiation therapy of cancer of pelvic organs, breast, esophagus, nasopharynx and oral cavity. Brachytherapy can deliver large amounts of radiation that shrink or destroy tumors while sparing healthy surrounding tissue.

Stanislav Levitsky emphasized that Brachium is a completely Russian development. “Its price does not depend on the volatility of the exchange rate. In addition, given the current logistical problems, a guaranteed supply of ionizing radiation sources is of particular importance. We are ready to provide the brachytherapy complex as part of the life cycle contract: the device itself and the radioactive sources used for brachytherapy, he pointed out.

Stanislav Levitsky did not specify when the complex will be delivered. He explained that the delivery of such complex equipment with an isotopic component and sources of ionizing radiation must be carefully prepared in advance and agreed with the regulatory authorities. “Deliveries will be organized in accordance with the Belarusian procurement legislation. We will teach oncologists to use this equipment. We will invite our colleagues to familiarize them with the devices that are already in use. Then we will participate in tenders. This is the first option. There is also a second option. We want to offer Belarus a comprehensive program to re-equip cancer centers with brachytherapy equipment. After studying the needs of Belarus for the next five to seven or even ten years, we are ready to make a competitive price offer. We are ready to offer financial resources for a large program. But for now, it’s just an idea,” he said.

“There are also prospects for the implementation of projects of cancer centers based on linear accelerators in Belarus. There is a development that is already registered in the Russian Federation. It is a linear accelerator Onyx. This is a medical product of targeted radiation. Onyx will be submitted for registration in Belarus I hope that next year, together with the Medtechnocenter, the project will gain momentum and that we will start deliveries by the end of the year,” added Stanislav Levitsky.

The head of the production and technical department at the Medtechnocenter Aleksey Kaminsky noted that the topic of nuclear medicine is especially relevant for Belarus after the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. “Equipment for the treatment of cancer is badly needed. There are not many manufacturers of such equipment in the world. Among them is Rusatom Healthcare. The steps taken by hostile countries towards Belarus and Russia gave an impetus to closer cooperation. I am sure that with joint efforts we will be able to fill this niche. “In terms of specifications, Russian equipment is not inferior to foreign analogues, and in some ways it is even better. The state corporation has many years of experience in this field,” he said.

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