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Rogue Community College has banned concealed firearms at its Medford, Table Rock and Grants Pass campuses. [Mail Tribune / file photo]

In a move similar to a handful of other public institutions locally and across the state, Rogue Community College has banned concealed firearms on its property.

The RCC Board of Education on November 15 approved an administrative procedure that provides, in part, that “possession of firearms, even by a holder of a concealed weapons license…is strictly prohibited,” with exceptions, including law enforcement, a person called them. to help make an arrest or a retired police officer.

RCC employees who violate the policy may face disciplinary action, including termination of employment. Meanwhile, students are subject to the code of conduct and its administrative procedure if they are found on campus with a concealed firearm, without an approved reason.

In addition to outlining what weapons are allowed on campus, the new administrative procedure gives RCC President Randy Weber the authority to approve the use of weapons on campus for educational purposes, though he does not list examples, going on to state that gas Pepper and electrical stun weapons are allowed on campus as long as they are not misused.

“We are in the process of converting all of our board policies to align with the (Oregon Association of Community Colleges) recommendations,” Weber wrote in an email to the Mail Tribune. “Campus gun policy was next in line with rescinding the old and embracing the new. We’ve been doing this for quite some time.”

Signs will be posted at RCC’s Table Rock, Grants Pass and Medford campuses to inform people that concealed weapons are not allowed.

Weber declined to explain why he and the RCC leadership chose to ban concealed firearms on campus, a power given to them by Senate Bill 554, a bill passed by the Oregon Legislature in 2021. The law went into effect on September 25, 2021.

RCC’s new board policy, which gives Weber power to enforce administrative procedure, goes so far as to say that the university “is committed to preventing violence in the workplace and maintaining a safe working environment.” and safe learning.

RCC is the latest educational institution in the valley and in the entire state to ban concealed firearms on its campus. The Ashland School District instituted a ban over the summer, while the president of the Phoenix-Talent School Board said he is looking into the issue and SB 554.

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