Raisi suggests closer ties with Belarus to offset sanctions

TEHRAN – Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi said on Wednesday that measures to strengthen ties between countries that have been subjected to cruel sanctions due to their reluctance to protect their independence are effective steps to neutralize sanctions.

Raisi made the remarks in a meeting with Belarusian Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko, who was visiting Iran leading an economic delegation.

The Iranian president also described Iran-Belarus relations as friendly, saying he and his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko insisted on developing ties at their meeting on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit in Samarkand. , Tajikistan, on September 15. sixteen.

Raisi went on to say that despite the cruel and unprecedented sanctions, Iran has made great strides in all areas, including the economy, adding: “Today Iran and Belarus have varied and abundant potential to develop ties with each other.”

The president also said that senior officials in Tehran and Minsk can remove obstacles in the way of increasing ties.

“Serious determination by the heads of state of the two countries to develop ties can remove potential obstacles on the way of expanding interactions,” Raisi said.

For his part, the Belarusian prime minister said that the approach taken by Iran towards regional cooperation has opened up a new perspective in Iran-Belarus relations.
“My trip to Iran followed the emphasis of the President of Belarus to quickly implement the agreements reached in his two meetings with His Excellency” in Uzbekistan, Golovchenko noted.

Prime Minister Golovchenko also called the relations cordial, saying that the two countries have had constructive cooperation at the international level.

“Today, the political coordination between the two countries is at the highest level and now is the time to deepen the economic relationship,” Golovchenko said.

The prime minister also said that the volume of trade between Belarus and Iran has tripled over the past year.

He added that, by order of his country’s president, the history of Belarus-Iran relations has been carefully studied and a “road map” has been drawn up to increase ties so that “we can quickly implement them.”

Prime Minister Golovchenko also met Raisi’s right-hand man, Mohammad Mokhber, upon his arrival in Tehran on Tuesday.
At the meeting which took place at the Saadabad Palace under the leadership of Vice President Mokhber and Golovchenko, the economic and political teams of Iran and Belarus placed an emphasis on developing economic and trade ties based on the roadmap.

“The will of the two countries is to develop economic ties in different areas, and one of the issues that was decided at this meeting was to activate the private sector of the two countries by the chambers of Iran and Belarus,” Mokhber said.
Mokhber also said that Iran and Belarus have great potential in the areas of trade, transit, energy and industry. The two sides can also share technical knowledge, he noted.
The vice president also said: “The political relationship between Iran and Belarus is at a good level, but it does not correspond to the economic ties and it was decided to increase the economic ties to a good level.”

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