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COPENHAGEN, Denmark, Dec. 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — GamerPay, the marketplace for CS:GO gaming skins, backed by Y Combinator, FCVC, Aleksander Larsen (co-founder of Axie Infinity) among others, is introducing a new model without any which cryptocurrencies to buy and sell NFTs in web3 games on

Since ending Y Combinator in September 2021, GamerPay has grown 15% month-over-month in trading volume for its first CS:GO game. They have a global footprint of users from +95 different countries and recently crossed 80,000 active users.

As of November 22, GamerPay is adding NFT skins from web3 games to GamerPay. Members will be able to buy, sell and hold playable NFTs in the same place where they manage their CS:GO assets.

“We love games. So does our community. They want to own skins (NFTs) in the games they love. Today, we’re taking a big step forward to make that possible for our community by adding to GamerPay. Now, our members can hold skins from CS:GO and web3 games on GamerPay,” says Mathias Hermansen, co-founder of GamerPay.

GamerPay’s new web3 gaming model has launched with the largest blockchain-based shooter. The game,, attracted more than 35,000 players per day with its browser-based gameplay. More web3 games will be added to GamerPay in the coming months.

Model: Introducing NFT skins that cannot be bought with crypto

Until now, buying and selling NFTs from web3 games has been reserved for a narrow group of traders deep into crypto. But with the brand new GamerPay model, web3 gamers can for the first time buy and sell NFTs like they buy any other gaming mask, in “real money”.

This brings the positives of both worlds: ownership of one’s in-game items and non-speculative cryptocurrencies. Items go on sale at a fixed price in a fully transparent model similar to the shopping experience in Fortnite. “This is the first time players can’t use crypto to buy NFT skins,” says Mathias Hermansen, hinting that it’s all about skins and ownership.

“Players want to play games, not deal with crypto wallets and exotic tokens. When regular players give or some other web3 game in the future, they need to focus only on the game. They don’t need to hold crypto, understand it and off-ramp and the complexity of taxation that comes with crypto. This launch will help web3 games become more mainstream,” according to Mathias Hermansen

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Mathias Hermansen
Co-founder, CEO
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