Peter Obi declares that he cannot solve all of Nigeria’s problems, but makes a crucial promise

  • Peter has stated that Nigerians should not expect him to solve all problems if he is elected president in 2023.
  • However, the former Anambra state governor and Labor Party presidential candidate vowed to be an effective communicator
  • Meanwhile, Obi asked Nigerians not to worry about their manifestos because the country is not short of written documents.

In what many people will describe as a frank statement, Labor Party presidential candidate Peter Obi has stated that if he is elected, Nigerians should not expect him to solve all their problems.

However, he promised to be an effective communicator.

Obi revealed this as a guest at the Publishers Forum, organized to deepen democracy by the Nigerian Publishers Guild (NGE) in Ikeja Lagos, reports The News Agency of Nigeria.

Peter Obi vows to communicate with Nigerians if elected
Peter says Nigerians shouldn’t expect him to solve all the country’s problems. Photo credit: Peter Obi
Source: Twitter

He said:

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“I don’t promise you that I will make everything right or solve all of Nigeria’s problems. But in those situations where I can’t provide a quick response or it challenges my solution process, I will tell Nigerians because what causes breach of trust and misunderstandings is when a leader doesn’t communicate with the people.”

Going further, addressing the issue of not having their manifesto in digital or printed format, the former governor of Anambra State asked Nigerians not to worry because the country does not lack written documents.

He said:

“How to solve our problems is the issue because we have always lacked implementation. Before I was Governor of Anambra State, there were committees, councils and commissions on educational reforms in primary and secondary schools. While all recommended that the mission schools be returned to the missions, no government implemented it. But it was me, without any cumbersome process, that made it possible. We need implementation, not volumes of documents that will not be used in the end. Simple.”

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Peter Obi, the 2023 presidential candidate, said the public knows his age and education level.

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In another report, a former presidential hopeful in the 2019 general election, Charles Udeogaranya, has issued a warning to those intending not to vote for Peter Obi, the Labor Party’s presidential candidate in the upcoming election.

Udeogaranya said Nigerians should be prepared to live in abject poverty and hardship if they fail to elect Obi in the 2023 presidential election.


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