Origins of Blood review bombed by Henry Cavill and fans of the novel

The Witcher: Blood Origin is criticized by Henry Cavill and fans of the novel, scoring a record low rating for Netflix on Rotten Tomatoes.

Since many are still upset about the actor’s exit from the main series, The Witcher: Origin of Blood critics are bombarded by Henry Cavill and fans of the novel. Developed by warlock from writer Declan de Barra and showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich, the prequel revolves around various elves embarking on a quest for revenge during the race’s Golden Age, while also exploring the infamous Confluence of the Spheres event and the creation of the first Witcher. Led by Sophia Brown and Michelle Yeoh, The Witcher: Origin of Blood debuted on Netflix this Christmas, although many people aren’t too fond of it.


A few days after the premiere of the series on Netflix, The Witcher: Origin of Blood landed his official Rotten Tomatoes score, which set a record low score for a streamer on the viewing platform. Henry Cavill and fans of the novel on the platform criticize the prequel series, it currently has only 9 percent approval of the audience on the site. With a 36 percent approval rating from critics, The Witcher: Origin of Blood it’s also the worst-reviewed sequel in the Netflix franchise’s history so far.

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Why does Blood Origin work so poorly


While the general review bombshell seems to be coming from Cavill fans who are still angry that he was replaced by Liam Hemsworth as Geralt of Rivia, The Witcher: Origin of Bloodcritical reviews point to a number of problems with the series. Many criticisms are directed at the generic formula for Warlock prequel, departing from the well-established fantasy genre of a group of disparate people coming together for a quest, rather than doing something original with the material. Others feel that the dialogue is horribly overdone, giving even the most talented actors like Michelle Yeoh very little to do, and thus capturing very forgettable characters.

Critics and audiences seem to agree on one of the biggest complaints The Witcher: Origin of Blood is the lack of retaining any value as its own story, but merely existing as a starting point for future franchise entries. Warlock Season 2 was similarly criticized by some for trying to launch such projects as The Witcher: Origin of Blood and other spinoffs, although critics viewed the season favorably compared to the prequel. However, with audience complaints still centered on the series’ departure from Andrzej Sapkowski’s original novels, something that reportedly influenced Cavill’s decision to leave the role, The Witcher: Origin of Blood seems to continue a risky trend for the Netflix franchise.

Can The Witcher Season 3 Keep The Franchise Alive?

Witcher season 2 Henry Cavill Geralt

With the audience that has already come out of the 2nd season divided, and is now engaged in bombing The Witcher: Origin of Bloodnow the question is whether Warlock season 3 will keep the franchise alive. Swapping Cavill for Hemsworth will be a big sell in Season 4, but with Netflix planning to expand to a second animated feature after The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf and family-friendly animated series, Hissrich and her writing room will have to sell audiences on their ability to stay true to the source material for future projects. Only time will tell when Warlock Season 3 premieres in mid-2023.

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