omicron: omicron symptoms: Everything you need to know about the condition caused by the new subvariants

The omicron variant of the coronavirus was discovered at the end of 2021. Since then, it has swept the world, destroying other variants such as delta. dr. Armando Meza, chief of infectious diseases at Texas Tech Health Sciences Center in El Paso, said that unlike earlier variants like delta, which damaged the lungs, Omicron and its subvariants tend to produce more upper respiratory symptoms.

Some symptoms are headache, sore throat, fatigue, hoarse voice, runny nose, muscle aches, nasal congestion and cough.

More about omicron subvariants

In November, the CDC said the revised bivalent vaccination was more effective than the initial vaccinations in preventing symptomatic Covid infections and reducing hospitalizations, particularly in people aged 65 and older.

According to Dr. Meza, the omicron subvariants produced fewer fatal infections than earlier versions, especially when compared to the original Covid strain and the delta variant. One reason for the reduced severity is that the virus doesn’t burrow into the lungs as extreme as previous strains, but instead stays in the upper respiratory tract.

Omicron BA.4.6: Things to know about yet another new variant of COVID

Omicron BA.4.6: Things to know about yet another new variant of COVID

Patients with pneumonia are more likely to have shortness of breath and exhaustion than those with bronchitis. Enhanced previous immunity is another element that may contribute to lower severity. Most patients have a three or four day incubation period.

According to previous research, vaccinated people will have milder and shorter symptoms than unvaccinated people.


  1. How many subvariants of Omicron are there?
    BA.2, BA.5, BQ1, BQ1.1, XBB, BF.7, BA.5.
  2. How long is the omicron subvariant contagious?
    The Omicron subvariant is contagious at least two or three days before symptoms appear and at least two or three days after.

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