Nanjing Recon Technology Co. renovated its Jiangsu Province “High-tech Enterprise” statue

BEIJING, November 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Recon Technology, Ltd (NASDAQ: RCON) (“Recon” or the “Company”), a PorcelainThe independent solution integrator based in the oilfield service and environmental protection, electric power and coal chemical industries, today announced that Nanjing Recon Technology Co. (“Nanjing Recon”) has renewed its status as a “High-Tech Enterprise Awarded by the Jiangsu Provincial Government of China. The three-year designation is one of the top local awards for Chinese technology companies and makes Nanjing Recon eligible for local government incentives, such as a reduced income tax rate of 15%.

High-tech company status is granted to companies considered technologically superior in their respective fields of expertise. This status is designed to encourage continued investment by companies in research and development of vital new products and services that would generate substantial revenue from the sale of such products and services.

Nanjing Recon, a variable interest entity with contractual ties to a subsidiary of Recon Hengda Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., which is one of the Company’s subsidiaries based in mainland China Porcelain, is engaged in technological R&D of oilfield automation products, oilfield production improvement measures and special equipment. Nanjing Recon’s automation systems can remotely monitor and collect real-time data on oilfield production. This advanced industrial application can greatly help oilfield customers to improve extraction levels, reduce impurities and lower production costs. In the past three years, Nanjing Recon has launched projects and invested more RMB12 million in R&D, which on average accounted for more than 10% of Nanjing Recon’s annual sales revenue. As of today, in total, Nanjing Recon obtained one invention patent, four utility model patents and 13 software copyrights through independently owned R&D, and also succeeded in transforming its scientific research efforts into business operations. .

Shepin Yin, Chairman and CEO of Recon, commented, “The ‘High-tech Enterprise’ designation reflects recognition of our technology and innovation. By the year 2021, Nanjing Recon recorded an increase in sales revenue of approximately RMB18 million of high-tech products and services, which are proof that our research and development efforts are transforming to facilitate the growth of the company’s overall business operation. Going forward, we will continue to use our leading technologies to empower our partners and customers while creating sustainable value for our stakeholders.”

About Recon Technology, Ltd (“RCON”)

Recon Technology, Ltd (NASDAQ: RCON) is the people’s republic of china First NASDAQ-listed, non-state-owned oil and gas field services company. recon supplies from China the largest oil exploration companies, Sinopec (NYSE: SNP) and The China National Petroleum Corporation (“CNPC”), with advanced automated technologies, efficient collection and transportation equipment, and reservoir stimulation measures to increase extraction levels of oil, reduce impurities and lower production costs. Over the years, RCON has held leadership positions in various segmented markets of the oil and gas filing services industry. RCON has also developed a long-term stable cooperative relationship with its major customers. For additional information, please visit:

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