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Mugshots of the suspect in the attack at a Colorado LGBTQ venue were released after the defendant appeared in court for the first time.

The images of Anderson Lee Aldrich, who was arrested after the mass shooting at the Q Club location in Colorado Springs, were released by the city’s police department.

Five people were shot dead and at least 25 injured in the incident on Saturday night.

Mugshots show Aldrich with visible injuries to his face and neck believed to be the result of “heroic people“who intervened when they saw what was happening.

Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers paid tribute to two people, including 15-year US Army veteran Richard Fierro, who was sitting nearby when the shooting began.

Fierro, who completed three tours of Iraq and one tour of Afghanistan, said he lunged at the suspect, knocked him to the ground, seized a gun and beat him.

Another clubgoer, Thomas James, drew his gun and kicked the suspect, while a drag performer stomped on the suspect’s face with high heels, Fierro said.

“I wish I could have done more,” added the veteran. “But those (five) people aren’t home tonight, and I am. And I’m really upset about that. It’s not something I’m proud of.”

After being beaten into submission by the club’s patrons, police took the suspect to hospital for treatment of his injuries.

Aldrich was then transferred to the El Paso County Jail on Tuesday.

Mass shooting suspect Anderson Lee Aldrich appears via video link from Colorado Springs courthouse
An artist’s impression of Anderson Lee Aldrich appearing via video link from the courthouse in Colorado Springs. Photo: Reuters

The suspect made his first court appearance via video link from jail on Wednesday, where he could be seen slumped in a chair with visible bruises on his face.

It seemed two defense attorneys needed to goad Aldrich during the brief video appearance.

The suspect spoke twice, slurring his words, confirming his name and saying “no” when the judge asked if he had any questions.

Late on Tuesday, defense attorneys said the defendant is non-binary and in a footnote to their filing they said Aldrich prefers to use the pronouns “they” and “them.”

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Victims of a shooting at a gay club in Colorado have spoken out about their ordeal.

While the motive for the shooting is still under investigation and prosecutors have yet to file formal charges, authorities said Aldrich faces possible murder and hate crime charges.

Hate crime charges would require prosecutors to prove that the alleged perpetrator was motivated by bias, such as the actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity of the victims.

Aldrich was ordered held without bail.

El Paso County Court Judge Charlotte Ankeny set the next hearing for December 6.

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