Meet Liz Kingsman, the new queen of British comedy

However, if you ask her something more serious, the perfectionist often pauses to correct herself. She slows down as she explains why she believes the success of flea bag triggered a wave of imitations of women’s productions: “I could poetically talk about, you know, occupying space, but it just came out as a route [to success]”, she says, explaining that it was a reaction to the lack of “interesting and complex” roles for women.

She’s even more careful when it comes to describing why she doesn’t see herself represented by the wave of widely acclaimed “relatable” characters that sprang from her. “’Relativity’ has become somewhat of a synonym for certain kinds of flaws or imperfections,” she says. “But I hang out with different people: the ones who think too much about things, spend too much time preparing, and end up not getting things done at the expense of spontaneity, fun, and joy. I am very private. I like people to see the finished product.”

It means you’re unlikely to see Kingsman posting candid TikToks any time soon. Instead, he still spends most of his free time reading, as he did as a teenager, while traveling between the UK and France to film the third season of parliament She’s in a relationship, but prefers not to talk about it: “I’m respecting someone else’s privacy.” lady with whom she goes on vacation and I find it very exciting to think that she does not know. She just thinks it’s a normal day.”

Kingsman will have to spend a lot of time apart from Emmet in the coming months. He is about to start production on another French comedy show. (“I don’t know how that happened, I don’t speak French.”) And she has plans to take one woman show Australian home. “Then I’ll just drop on the floor and lie flat for a while,” she laughs.

For now, however, Kingsman’s focus is turning one woman show set for opening night at the Ambassadors Theater on December 14. She’s superstitious about talking about how it could be a hit: “If I spend any time unpacking that, or like to enjoy it, then my God, I’m kidding myself into the worst show ever.” But she blurts out that Chris Morris and Steve Coogan are already fans. And Harington? How made Kingsman convince you to appear in that ad? “I sent her a message,” he says, “saying, ‘I promise the theater will be the butt of the joke, not you.’” She smiles. “’But it will definitely be you, too.’”

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