Medigram leads the mobile medicine technology ecosystem in partnership with Routledge, Taylor & Francis on a new book series and announces a new book, Advanced Health Technology, our second book in a row to debut as the #1 new launch in medical technology

LOS GATOS, California, November 23, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Our new book edited by Medigram CEO Sherri Douville, Advanced Health Technology equips leaders in healthcare systems and medical device companies to address the most emerging risks affecting healthcare. Armed with this knowledge, readers will be able to define their legacies by successfully transforming healthcare with technology. This proven multidisciplinary team of 23 leaders also continues to push the boundaries of healthcare and technology with new editions of book series.

Along with the launch of this new book, we are announcing the establishment of two book series and a series publisher, Sherri Douville, CEO of Medigram, publisher of mobile medicine Y Advanced Health Technology.

Two book series:

The purpose of the two series under series editor, Medigram CEO Sherri Douville, is to accelerate the development and adoption of trusted solutions to radically accelerate responsible technology and data innovation for efficiency in medicine. and beyond.

Clinical settings face enormous challenges and labor shortages. However, the path to success is not clear or simple by nature. Published by leading international academic publisher Taylor & Francis, our new book on managing risk with advanced technology provides expert guidance for overcoming two-thirds of the top emerging risks facing healthcare and medicine by leveraging technology competencies. of advanced health. A diverse set of respected authors along with experts in development, implementation, hospital administration, and implementation of advanced clinical technology demystify and bring clarity to the complexity of managing emerging risks by bridging engineering, IT, cybersecurity, privacy, medicine, leadership, and legal. .

This new Medigram-led series will feature contributing co-authors nominated for upcoming book editors: David Finn, Rosie Goddard, William C. Harding, PhD, Dennis Leber, PhD, Anthony Lee, Anita Lynch, Peter McLaughlin, Tanya Monsef, Mike Ng, Brittany Partridge, Allison J. Taylor, and Eric Svetcov.

“Today’s healthcare executives face great opportunities and challenges in the domains of quality, which is data-driven. Patient data, as well as system performance and outcomes, are measured and reported , and the integrity and security of this data is paramount, as it impacts how we are rated and paid as healthcare systems, as well as publicly disclosing our patient experience, IT, performance improvement, cybersecurity, risk, regulation, DEI, wellness and retention of medical staff and staff. Advanced Health Technology Written by a cross-functional team of leaders in all of these related disciplines, it is a basic manual that outlines the technical, legal, clinical, managerial, and organizational leadership steps in practical frameworks for advancing medicine, science, IT, data, engineering. and equipment of a next-generation health system forward”.

Brian McBeth, MD, CPEDirector of Quality (Interim), Santa Clara County Health System

Previous book of our teams, Mobile medicine: overcoming people, culture and governance and this new book Advanced Health Technology: Manage risk while addressing barriers to rapid acceleration together they are having an incredible impact influencing industry standards and certification. This illuminates the need and satisfies the appetite for reliable and credible information in the healthcare technology space. Selecting proven published authors with the competencies, skills and drive to change the industry. We are scaling our impact by elevating many more leaders to step up as publishers in this new series. Healthcare technology involves multiple disciplines, although all must meet the standards required by healthcare stakeholders to obtain credible “medical-grade” information. CEOs, CIOs, healthcare CISOs, medical executives, boards of directors, academics, policy makers, and other leaders in medicine and medical technology locally, regionally, and globally trust our books to enable their strategic leadership to balance innovation and risks that are inherent. with technology

We are delighted to partner our expertise with Taylor & Francis, a respected medical publisher and the undisputed leader in healthcare IT. Together, we will further the impact of our fields in spectacular ways through this book series, building trusted ecosystems of technology and innovation inside and outside of healthcare.

“We’ve built a distinctive and productive culture behind these Medigram-led book teams. Now we’re doubling down on our keys to success for our upcoming books and series with the following principles.

*Passionate and committed multidisciplinary group
* Extreme teamwork enabled by a ‘multipliers’ mentality
*Putting the team before the individual
*Offering an excellent standard bearing product”

mike ng, Head of Operations, Medigram Inc.

Foreword by Ed Marx, Chief Information Officer and CEO of Serial at Divergent and written by 23 leaders, contributors in medicine, cybersecurity, privacy law, IT, leadership and more, including:

Dr. William C. Harding
Distinguished Technical Fellow, Medtronic PLC who served as de facto CTO of the AHT book

Brian McBeth, MD, CPE
Quality Manager (Interim)
Santa Clara County Health System

Shantanu Chakrabarty, Ph.D.
Clifford W. Murphy Professor and Associate Dean for Research
Washington University McKelvey School of Engineering in St. Louis

Arthur Douville, M.D.
Medical Director and Practicing Neurologist
Medigram, Inc.
Former Clinical Professor of Neurology, Stanford University School of Medicine

craig hips
Distinguished Engineer
Order, Inc.

mike ng
Head of Operations
Medigram, Inc.

Peter McLaughlin, Juris Doctor, CIPP/USA. USA, CIPT
Partner – Data Innovation, Security and Privacy
Armstrong Teasdale LLP

Karen Jaw-Madson, Director
Co.-Work Experience Design
Organizational Psychologist

Brittany Partridge, MBA
UC San Diego Health Virtual Care Technical Lead

Lucia C. Savage, J.D.
Director of Privacy and Regulation
Omada Health, Inc.
Former Chief Privacy Officer, HHS Office of the National Coordinator for HealthIT

Victor Sinzig
Director, Program Management and Customer Success, OSARO

Eric Svetkov
Medigram, Inc.

Shop our books at Routledge, Taylor & Francis and anywhere great books are sold, including Amazon.

About series editor Sherri Douville: Sherri Douville is the CEO and member of the board of directors of Medigram, the mobile medicine company. She is recognized on top US CEO lists in eight tech and healthcare categories by the CEO of Boardroom Media as one of the highest ranking tech executives on Crunchbase globally. She is a recurring best-selling editor, lead author, and contributor to a forthcoming third book, Advanced Health Technology (Taylor & Francis 2023). Sherri is the IEEE/UL JV Co-Chair for the SG Project for Technical Trust Standard for Clinical IoT in Medicine, P2933. She is passionate about redefining technology, software, and data for medicine and advanced health technologies in a way that is trusted by doctors, our family, and friends. Ms. Douville takes advantage of her books to inform her work on the CHIME CDH security specialization certification. She advises and co-founded the cybersecurity curriculum for the Black Corporate Board Readiness and Women’s Corporate Board Readiness programs at Santa Clara University. She is a series editor for Trustworthy Technology & Innovation and Trustworthy Technology & Innovation in Healthcare (Taylor & Francis).

About the Taylor & Francis Group: Taylor & Francis Group partners with researchers, scholarly societies, universities and libraries around the world to bring knowledge to life. As one of the world’s leading publishers of academic journals, books, eBooks, and reference works, our content spans all areas of Humanities, Social Sciences, Behavioral Sciences, Science and Technology, and Medicine. From our network of offices in Oxford, New York, Philadelphia, Boca Raton, Boston, Melbourne, Singapore, Beijing, Tokyo, Stockholm, New Delhi and Johannesburg, Taylor & Francis staff provide local expertise and support to our publishers, societies and authors and personalized and efficient customer service for our library colleagues.

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*These values ​​reflect the views of the contributors as professionals working on this new book and/or book series and may or may not represent the views of their employing organizations.

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