Importance of using technology in education for students

The 21st century is the century of information technology and telecommunications. The importance of technology in education is evident. It is difficult, if not impossible, to imagine a student not using computers, electronic devices, or the Internet. Students receive and send emails to their teachers and use the resources of the network libraries. They receive distance education. With easy access to millions of terabytes of knowledge, it became easier for students to show high academic achievement. Technology has firmly entered the life of every student. It has changed traditional education forever. No one questions why technology is essential in education today.

How important is technology in education?

Education is the process of educating an individual. It gives knowledge about the world collected by previous generations. For a long time, access to this knowledge was difficult. The reason is the lack of technology. The production of books as the main source of knowledge throughout history was expensive and required a lot of time. Few could afford such a luxury. The arrival of the Internet has changed the student world. It provides access to information and knowledge, even from a device in your pocket. Internet and information technologies have opened a new layer of opportunities for distance education.

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly influenced this process. It has accelerated the integration of digital technologies in the educational system. Many platforms provide access to various courses. A striking example is the American project Coursera, which began with the initiative of two Stanford professors. They wanted to give their lectures online. It is now a huge database of college courses available to students online.

Is technology important to get good grades?

Is technology important to get good grades?
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Thanks to technology, students have instant access to learning materials. But it is crucial to work with the information, analyze it and draw a conclusion. Usually, students are given assignments to write different types of essays. However, not all students are good argumentative essay writers and can explore and analyze a particular topic. In this case, students can use legitimate essay writing services to purchase argumentative essays. Students can choose a professional argumentative essay writer. They just need to read the customer reviews and check the ratings. In addition, students receive editing and correction of specialized tests. It is the key to fantastic academic performance.

Is artificial intelligence important for education?

Is artificial intelligence important for education?

Last year, the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education published the report. It was called “AI in Education: Shifting at the Speed ​​of Learning.” He highlighted the importance of technology in education. The authors of the study formulated the prospects of introducing artificial intelligence (AI) into the learning process. Therefore, acquiring knowledge in an educational institution is no longer a key priority. Developing a student’s ability to work as a team is much more valuable. Your digital and analytical skills and the ability to communicate effectively are crucial. In this case, teachers need to receive, analyze and process a large amount of data. They must be able to assess students’ abilities effectively. These are about 390 different parameters. They are academic performance, class attendance, class work, behavior, perseverance, adaptability, perseverance or “toughness of character”, emotional, social, ethical, physical development, etc. In turn, the class has an average of 20 to 30 students. A person cannot assimilate such a flow of data, and artificial intelligence will help.

Of course, AI will not be able to completely replace a living master. But it will help make the educational process as efficient as possible. For example, the AI ​​will be able to offer the most appropriate training methods. They will be personalized for each student. Or, based on a set of data, artificial intelligence can help the teacher to better predict the results of the educational process in advance.


I hope that after reading this post, you have an answer to the question, “why is technology education important?” Education and technology are inseparable and interdependent fields. The higher the level of education, the greater the number of technologies that appear. And vice versa, the decline of schools and universities leads the country to lag behind global technological trends. One way or another, each new technological advance inevitably affected education.

It increases its quality. Today, the world is developing faster than ever. Technological progress creates new opportunities to make education more qualitative. And technology promises to fundamentally change this field.

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