Huhtamaki’s innovative high-precision patented technology delivers home compostable paper-based coffee pods for Nespresso and millions of coffee lovers.

Huhtamaki, a global provider of sustainable packaging solutions, entered into an exclusive partnership with one of the largest coffee brands, Nespresso, in early 2021 to innovate a sustainable and home compostable paper-based coffee capsule. The powerful collaboration used a lean approach to product and process development, accelerating time to market in record time. Huhtamaki’s proprietary high-precision technology allows wood fibers to be molded into complex shapes with highly precise tolerances of a fraction of a millimeter.

The home compostable paper-based coffee capsule was launched by Nespresso in France yesterday, November 21, 2022. It is a significant step forward in innovation for the circular economy and a leap forward for consumers around the world.

Key details:

  • Huhtamaki’s patented high-precision technology for soft molded fiber transforms wood pulp fibers into high-performance packaging solutions that can be applied to a wide variety of different consumer applications.
  • High-precision proprietary technology for soft molded fiber is part of the company’s blueloop™ brand promise, reflecting its 2030 sustainability ambition.
  • Paper-based compostable home Nespresso coffee pods were launched for the first time in Paris, France on the 21st ofstNovember 2022. The capsules will initially be tested with consumers in France and Switzerland in spring 2023 before being introduced more widely.
  • The paper-based coffee capsules are made from wood fiber, responsibly sourced from European forests. They have been independently certified by TÜV, as being home compostable and compostable in food waste collection schemes.
  • The coffee pods protect the quality and freshness of the coffee while offering the required functionality that the high-quality coffee the brand is known for delivers, without compromising the taste experience.

“We are delighted to have partnered with Nespresso on a unique home compostable paper-based capsule designed for circularity. This revolutionary innovation is the result of combining fiber, a naturally renewable material, with our proprietary high-precision technology, creating a sustainable alternative for Nespresso. The capsules will be produced in accordance with our blueloop™ brand promise, which incorporates our commitment to design for circularity, be operationally carbon neutral and responsibly source our materials in line with our 2030 strategy,” he says. Charles Héaulmé, President and CEO of Huhtamaki.

Huhtamaki is committed to offering sustainable packaging solutions with a positive impact on the environment. It is proactively working with innovative consumer brands to reshape the future of packaging. The success of this partnership demonstrates how innovation and collaboration can contribute to the circular economy and address climate action by becoming carbon neutral without neglecting other environmental and social aspects of sustainability.

We see this technology as a paradigm shift in how we can use renewable wood fiber in complex food packaging. This innovation opens new avenues when it comes to the use of fiber in food packaging. Huhtamaki’s high-precision technology means we can capture the clear sustainability benefits of renewable wood fiber in a growing range of packaging solutions that offer superior functionality, maintain food safety and maintain quality.

We see the development of this technology as a revolutionary milestone in sustainable packaging, and not only because of the sustainability and food preservation characteristics, but also because of the new possibilities of use cases. We believe that we will be able to replace, for example, lids and closures, which today are made of plastic or metal. Other potential applications are trays or containers that require lids that seal directly to the tray and can be opened/closed again.

More information about Huhtamaki’s patented high-precision technology can be found here: Huhtamaki Fiber Solutions: The Future Reimagined.

For more information, contact:

Richard Ali, Vice President of Communications
[email protected]Telephone : +44 7387 261412

About Huhtamaki:
Huhtamaki is a key global provider of sustainable packaging solutions to consumers around the world. Our innovative products protect food and beverages on the go and on the shelf, ensuring hygiene and safety, driving accessibility and affordability, and helping prevent food waste. We integrate sustainability into everything we do. We are committed to achieving carbon neutral production and designing all our products to be recyclable, compostable or reusable by 2030.

We participate in the United Nations Global Compact and EcoVadis has awarded Huhtamaki the gold medal for sustainability performance. To play our part in managing climate change, we have set science-based targets that have been approved and validated by the Science-Based Targets Initiative.

With 100 years of history and a strong Nordic heritage, we operate in 37 countries and 114 operating locations around the world. Our Care Dare Deliver values ​​guide our decisions and help our team of more than 19,000 employees make a difference where it matters. Our net sales in 2021 amounted to €3.6 billion. The Huhtamaki Group is headquartered in Espoo, Finland, and our parent company, Huhtamäki Oyj, is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd. Learn more about how we protect food, people and the planet at

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