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Photo courtesy of Bremer Bank Cynthia Hansen and Sara Haney distributed home kits to the United Way of Southwest Minnesota this month as part of Bremer Bank’s Home For Good initiative. The supply kits will go towards helping families and individuals transitioning to more stable housing.

MARSHALL – Marshall area volunteers worked to help make a difference for Minnesota families this month, and part of their efforts will benefit local families.

Earlier this month, a team of volunteers from Bremer Bank’s Marshall Branch participated in Bremer’s Home For Good initiative, helping to package household items kits to help the homeless transition into housing. steady.

The initiative will provide a total of 1,550 kits to families and individuals in Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin, according to a news release. Five of those kits were brought to the United Way of Southwest Minnesota for distribution to area families.

“We are very grateful to be able to distribute five kits in our local community,” said Sara Haney, business services associate at Bremer Bank in Marshall. Haney said it was an honor to be able to help with the Home For Good initiative.

“Bremer’s purpose is to cultivate thriving communities,” she said. “We strive to make our communities a better place. Being able to donate these essential item kits to those who need them is one way we are living this purpose.”

Haney said Marshall’s team members were among Bremer and United Way employees who gathered to pack Home For Good kits at the Bremer Service Center in Lake Elmo Nov. 1-2. Once assembled, the kits were distributed to Bremer locations, to provide to local organizations that would distribute them directly to individuals and families.

In Marshall, Bremer’s team members brought the kits to the United Way of Southwest Minnesota. UWSWMN President and CEO Meg Louwagie said the United Way sent the kits to partner organizations like the United Community Action Partnership for distribution to families.

Louwagie said it was nice to be able to partner with Bremer on the initiative.

“The kits are full of everything you need,” settle into a new home, Louwagie said.

Kits include items such as dishes, utensils, toothbrushes, soap, towels, cleaning supplies, and fleece blankets.

Kits distributed in the Marshall area will also have an added touch from local volunteers in the form of hand-tied blankets.

“The Marshall branch decided to make additional blankets to include with the kits,” Haney said. “Each Home for Good Kit includes a blanket, but we decided to make extra blankets because warm blankets are so important living in Minnesota.”

Marshall’s team met in their meeting room to make blankets to tie down the kits, Haney said.

So far, the Home For Good initiative has benefited more than 2,000 individuals and families throughout the Upper Midwest, according to a news release.

“Bremer’s purpose is to cultivate thriving communities, and housing is an essential component to community success,” said Bremer President and CEO Jeanne Crain. “This initiative is a direct and tangible way to provide community support as people transition to stable housing. We are grateful for the opportunity to continue to partner with the United Way on this wonderful program, and we are very proud to further the incredible impact it has made over the past three years.”

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