GDCC Coin Reveals Deflationary Model for Crypto

Honiton, United Kingdom, Jan. 02, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — This experienced team aims to provide users with the ultimate tool for securely storing, transacting and managing digital assets. The goal of deflation is to increase the value of the GDCC over time.

Promoting an ambitious deflation model

The team describes their deflation system perfectly on the project website. Namely, the team engraved a burning mechanism on their tokens to progressively reduce their number, creating more demand and scarcity.

So it works as a deflationary model and will raise the prices of GDCC coins. The recording process is part of the transaction fee system that applies when a user transfers tokens.

The project’s smart contract will take care of burning half of the gas fee of each transaction. Consequently, the number of GDCC coins gradually decreases, creating a sort of “price floor” and providing incentives for long-term investors.

Many projects, such as Binance and Huobi, have adopted a recording mechanism for their tokens. The GDCC team made their burn process more aggressive than the two. The strategy is a great way to keep the price stable and ensure future returns for your investors.

Wide project ecosystem

The GDCC lists multiple elements that are part of a broader ecosystem. Specifically, investors in this project can expect the following:

1. A secure and reliable blockchain network that provides a platform for hosting various decentralized applications (dApps) and services.

2. Smart contracts that allow users to execute transactions and securely store data on the blockchain.

3. A decentralized exchange (DEX) that allows users to trade digital assets in a trustless environment.

4. Auto-Market Maker (AMM) which enables continuous liquidity for digital assets.

5. Staking platform to participate in consensus and receive rewards for their contribution.

6. Yield Farming capabilities that allow users to generate additional income by providing online liquidity.

7. The Metaverse Dimension, which gives people the opportunity to build and explore their own digital realms.

8. The non-fungible token (NFT) market, which allows users to buy and sell unique digital assets with real value.

These components offer investors a wide range of opportunities to exploit the project while creating a secure environment. With this project, users can explore a whole new world of DeFi and capitalize on the returns that this industry provides.

On top of this structure, the team has listed several features that will characterize this project. Specifically, here are the most important features of the GDCC platform:

1. Robustness: The platform is very secure and robust, thanks to smart contracts.

2. High compatibility: The network is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), so developers can easily deploy their dApps on the blockchain.

3. Cross-Chain Functionality: The team guarantees a smooth connection across different blockchain networks and unites them under one roof.

4. Lower transaction fee: GDCC charges a minimum gas fee for all network transactions to address the scalability issue.

5. High speed transactions: The platform enables fast transactions and ensures that users can quickly transfer digital assets across different networks.

6. Lightweight architecture: The project boasts a simple architecture that minimizes resources and maximizes performance.

About GDCC

Global Digital Cluster Coin (GDCC) is a decentralized digital asset exchange and payment system that uses blockchain technology. It will introduce the GDCC-20 token standard, a smart contract-based system used to create and issue digital assets.

This will allow users to easily and securely trade digital assets such as cryptocurrencies, tokens, stocks and other financial instruments.

With the upcoming listing on Koinbazar, the project will gain more visibility and attract more investors worldwide. This could increase the user base and create more opportunities to take advantage of the returns this platform provides.

GDCC has already integrated Hopium DEX, Muzella NFT market and the Global Digital City metaverse into its ecosystem. Furthermore, the team issued a stablecoin, GUSD, pegged to the digital dollar at a ratio of 1:1, and a blockchain explorer.

Anyone curious about GDCC should check out the official website and social media channels.

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