From Laurie Strode to Nancy Thompson, horror needs the ultimate Crossover girl

The 2021 novel The Final Girl Support Group is the perfect vehicle for a recent slasher trend: the Final Girls crossover movie.

The classic slasher genre is experiencing a bit of a boom right now. WITH A violent night and Halloween kills dominating the box office, fans are clearly excited for more masked, knife-wielding assassins chasing powerful on-screen heroines. The last girl, or the last female survivor of a slasher film, has become as famous and popular as the slasher killers themselves; fans rank their favorites and battle it out to see which Final Girl definitely survived. In 2021, the novel The Final Girl Support Group was released, uniting homages to the iconic final girls of classic slashers to combat a new threat years later. This novel could be the ultimate movie crossover if Hollywood takes advantage of it.

The Final Girl Support Group set in 2010, it follows six homages to classic slasher survivors: one each to Laurie Strode from HalloweenNancy Thompson from Nightmare on Elm StreetSidney Prescott from ScreamAlice Hardy from Friday 13Sally Hardesty from The Texas Chainsaw Massacreand Denise from Silent night, deadly night. The latter is the protagonist of the novel, renamed “Lynette”, and the novel follows the formed “Final Girl Support Group” as they are targeted by a mysterious killer who seems to be killing them, similar to a slasher movie.

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The Ultimate Slasher Team-Up awaits in Hollywood

Laurie Strode vs. Sidney Prescott: Who's the Best Horror Final Girl?

A film version could theoretically reunite all of the iconic Final Girl actors on screen for the first time, reprising versions of their iconic classic roles for the final showdown. Jamie Lee Curtis has certainly shown no reluctance to reprise her role as Laurie Strode in a number of different reboots and sequels to the franchise. Heather Langenkamp has also expressed interest in a final showdown with Freddy Kreuger, though it’s true that the novel’s version of Nancy is portrayed as somewhat painful, which could be alienating from the role of the iconic actress, considered by some to be the greatest Final Girl of all.

Adrienne King, who played Alice Hardy, voiced the audiobook of the novel. It might be difficult for her to reprise her role in the film since in the novel the “real” survivor of the camp massacre is an African-American woman who was made white in the film, something her character is suing for. Regardless, fans could certainly be excited to see Adrienne back. Unfortunately, original actress Sally Hardesty from Texas Chainsaw MassacreMarilyn Burns, who passed away in 2014, Sally also starred in the remake Olwen Fouéré, who may also reprise her role for the film and play “Marilyn”, Sally’s tribute, so named after her late actor.

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Which could prevent the formation of the Final Girls Support Group

Dressed as Santa Claus, Billy swings an ax at a nun

While Neve Campbell recently dropped out of reprising her role as Sidney in the latest Scream movie, there could still be a chance for her to return to play the novel version of the character for the movie. This would leave Linnea Quigley to step into the role of the novel’s protagonist, in retaliation for her role in the Silent night, deadly night. Although Quigley has yet to appear in the sequel to the original, she has been featured prominently in a lot of Scream Queen media over the past decade and appears alongside horror icons Kane Hodder, Michael Berryman and Bill Mosley in the film. Jasper. Given the recent success A violent night movie, fans’ interest in the “Santa killer” story is quite fresh.

Although there has certainly been a lot of interest in the slasher crossover for decades (above Freddy vs. Jason), new interest in the Final Girl trope could easily propel this novel into the ultimate crossover film adaptation. As a great homage to the classic era of slasher cinema, the novel is clearly a labor of love; the story is a genuinely terrifying mystery and an interesting tribute to the “last girl” experience; examines the dark psychology of each survivor and her experience of dealing with such horrors at a young age, and takes place in a universe where slasher films are based on real-life events and command the same devotion from fans as the real world. Images. For fans excited by the prospect of multiple slasher franchises continuing, it could be the formula for the ultimate crossover showdown.

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