Flutter Entertainment plc (LON:FLTR) insider sells 329 shares.

On Thursday, November 17, Peter Jackson, a member of Flutter Entertainment plc (LON: FLTR), sold 329 shares. At an average price of £112.82 (US$132.57), the shares could fetch a total of £37,117.78 (US$43,616.66) when sold.

The FLTR stock has received comments from several different analysts. Shore Capital reaffirmed its “hold” rating on the company’s shares in a report published Nov. 9 called the “Flutter Entertainment Update.” Jefferies Financial Group predicted Flutter Entertainment’s share price to hit 129 pounds ($151.59) in a study made public on Thursday. UBS Group predicted Flutter Entertainment would fetch a price of £138 ($162.16) in a research study published on Thursday. The “neutral” recommendation that Citigroup had assigned to Flutter Entertainment shares was reaffirmed in a report published on October 12 by the company.
Finally, in a research report published on Thursday, Barclays reiterated its “equal weight” recommendation on Flutter Entertainment shares and set a £110 ($129.26) price target. Three research analysts recommend buying the shares, while the remaining three recommend holding the shares. Based on data provided by Bloomberg.com, Flutter Entertainment’s general view is that the stock deserves a “Moderate Buy” rating, with the overall price target set at £138.31 ($162.52).
The price of a FLTR share was £114.30 ($134.31) when the market opened on Monday. There is a current ratio of 0.81 percent, a quick ratio of 0.70 percent, and the debt to equity ratio is 42.18 percent. Flutter Entertainment plc’s lowest price over the past year is GBX 7,340 ($86.25), while its all-time high is £121.30 ($142.54). The company’s last 50-day simple moving average is £107.69, and the last 200-day simple moving average is GBX 9621.51. The company’s market capitalization is £20.1bn and its PE ratio is now -48.90.
Flutter Entertainment plc does business in a number of countries, including the United States, Australia, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. The corporation is structured in such a way that it has four distinct divisions: UK & Ireland, Australia, International and US. It offers business-to-business services in addition to its sportsbooks and sportsbook exchange, daily fantasy sports and pari-mutuel, fixed odds game betting, online casinos and games, and peer-to-peer gaming such as online bingo, rummy and poker.

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