Dogecoin, Pancake Swap, Terra Classic, Solana takes another dive

Crypto price today December 12: Major coins in the crypto market have fallen in the last 24 hours, making it a dull day for investors. The market still seems bearish as coins fall every other day.

In the last 24 hours, Dogecoin has fallen by 8.96%. Pancake Swap fell by 1.95%. Terra Classic is down by 4.08%. Solana fell by 4.58%. Hooked Protocol is the biggest loser with a drop of 14.69%. Ark fell by 8.26%. Shiba Inu recorded a decrease of 4.32%. Chainlink fell by 4.60%.

With a decrease of 1.95%, the global crypto market capitalization is 840.55 billion USD. The volume of the global crypto market is 30.77 billion USD, which is an increase of 27.07%.

The highest price of cryptocurrency today

Dogecoin (DOGE) down 8.96%

Dogecoin saw a drastic drop of 8.96%. The market cap is currently $11.393 billion. Trading volume increased by 197.02%. Each Doge token costs $0.08819. Crypto price: DOGESource: coinmarketcap

Pancake Swap (CAKE) fell 1.95%

Pancake Swap is down 1.95% and now has a market capitalization of $630.81M. Each CAKE token costs $3.92. Trading volume increased by 50.88%.

Crypto price: CAKESource: coinmarketcap

Terra Classic (LUNC) fell by 4.08%

With a decline of 4.08%, Terra Classic’s market cap is $979.540 million. Trading volume increased by 7.05%. Terra Classic coin is selling for $0.0001637.

LUNCHSource: coinmarketcap

Solana (SOL) fell by 4.58%

A big drop of 4.58% lifts the Solana token to $12.99. Currently, the market capitalization is 4.578 billion USD. Trading volume increased by 66.90%.

SALTSource: coinmarketcap


While many analysts predicted that the market would; growing as we enter the second year, the charts currently show a different situation. The market still seems bearish due to the FTX fiasco.

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