Crypto investment strategies – for a greener portfolio in 2023

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When investing in an ICO, you can look for dozens of indicators to help you assess the project’s potential for success.

Whether you’re trying to reach early retirement or just trying to keep your portfolio green, ICOs can be an extremely lucrative investment. Some of the most famous crypto success stories come from “early involvement” in the project.

In 2014, Ethereum was first launched as a public ICO. At that time, the token was offered for $0.31. If you bought it then, the ROI today is roughly 3892x.

Of course, investors are always looking for opportunities like this one — the “undiscovered gem.”

However, it is difficult to identify coins that will provide big gains and long-term portfolio growth and separate them from scams, failures or underperforming projects, even for the most experienced investor.

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The question remains, what do these profitable projects look like? How can you tell if your investment will one day pay off the mortgage?

Analysts say that everything from the overall offer to the ranking in search engines signals the success of the project…

However, as with any financial analysis, it is impossible to accurately predict future investment results. No crystal ball or magic formula will reveal every coin 10–100x.

Most of these standard metrics will do little to measure the real return potential of your investment.

I have seen unprecedented gains from projects that are ridiculed by the crypto community for failing to maintain these popular indicators…

On the other hand, I have found many projects that should have produced high short-term returns and long-term stability … if the indicators were paid attention to. Instead, post-launch charts were flat or the price plummeted.

Projects like LUNA have managed to attract a high level of investor confidence and hype. But the project failed miserably despite seductive promises of innovation or finely crafted white papers…the project failed miserably. Investors with varying experience have lost significant amounts of money.

Through my analysis of past 10x projects, I have found that a minimal number of indicators prove any hope of predicting success. How relevant these indicators are depends on your investment goals. Some might help you identify a successful long-term investment…if you’re willing to ride the waves for months or years.

But if your goal is to make high returns in the shortest time with ICOs, I will show you that there are only two indicators that can point you in the right direction.

Tokens like ARK went parabolic after their ICO in 2017, jumping from $0.04 to $11. Since then, his popularity has waned. But for investors looking to make a substantial short-term profit, this is the kind of symbol you’ll find.

For these types of short-term analysis, two indicators can cut through the others and give you a more accurate measure of potential success.

Like any financial analysis, it is not perfect. But I have shown how even some more common and reasonable indicators can be irrelevant to the success of a project.

Because in the data I found, these two indicators often precede projects by 10x…or even projects by 100x.

What are the most relevant indicators for crypto investors?

Let’s look at some cards.


It is clear that some factors separated the trajectories seen in the tokens. I mentioned it earlier in the list…

Every ICO that has gone parabolic has started with a small market cap at launch.

Is this a coincidence? I thought it might be, but this factor has remained consistent across all the high-return ICOs I’ve researched.

Why is that?

Market capitalization at launch is calculated as launch price x total supply. If the market capitalization is smaller than the average, it usually means that there is less supply at a lower price. Therefore, the increased demand will make it easier for the price to experience a parabolic change and achieve a 10x return.

I thought to myself that it really isn’t that simple…

Well, market cap at launch is just one indicator I’m looking for. One more ingredient is needed to turn your cards green.

In order for the price to push up, there must be a source for that demand and a community of investors who will be willing to continue buying at the current price…

This is momentum, another indicator to look for.

Without positive momentum, investors will sell instead of buy. This may seem obvious, but no magic number will tell you how much momentum a project has.

When trying to gauge a project’s momentum, I dig into its community. I look for social media activity, promotional campaigns and general positive sentiment…all signs that there are already committed investors waiting to buy when the price is low…

And buy again and again… raising the price to red-hot.

When the purchasing power of the project community exceeds the market cap, you will see the prices multiply because there is always someone willing to buy at the current price and continue to increase it.

When there is a lot of “buzz” about a project, and the market capitalization at launch is lower than similar projects…the potential for high return investments will increase.

How to find such projects in the current crypto market?

Since we are in the midst of crypto winter, caution has become widespread. Current events have transformed some hopeful investors into skeptics.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything worth investing in the cryptosphere right now. It also doesn’t mean you won’t see coins rise 10x — or more — like they did in the last bull run.

As an example of an upcoming ICO that meets these indications, I looked at YPRED, the native token used by the project. They are building a platform for developers and traders that uses AI to analyze chart patterns and their potential impact on price. YPRED will be used in the ecosystem for payments, stakes, revenue sharing and more.

Recently, yPredict launched a major marketing campaign and ambassador program to promote the platform. Their Telegram community has 35 thousand members as of this writing.

With all this positive chatter, their market cap at launch was set at just 4.5 million. Similar projects have a market capitalization ten times higher.

Note that we primarily look at market cap at launch and momentum. If you still want to use other pointers, such as the white paper and team information, their website does a great job of providing clear answers to everything.

But in general, YPRED shares many of the same positive traits that some of the tokens in the examples above had. It is currently only available for pre-order and has little chance of approval. The public sale will start soon. If you can participate at all, mentioning this article could increase your chances.

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Although it is impossible to predict the market, there are methods behind smarter investing. I do not claim that my ICO indicators are a perfect analysis. Or that it will guarantee some future withdrawal of millions of dollars. And if you’re still going strong with cryptocurrencies in this market, you should probably be careful with how you spend your extra savings.

All these indicators are only a measure of potential. But if you care about short-term gains, my data shows that market cap at launch and momentum are the two most relevant factors in ICOs with 10x returns.

Using other indicators to guide your decision could get you a solid long-term investment, but it could also steer you toward a bad project.

So when a new project tells you that their token is guaranteed to explode… don’t take their word for it. Check these two factors first. It could help you determine how likely your money is to multiply.

The most common strategy and tips for crypto investing

An aspiring value investor should start investing in new projects on a trusted lending platform to maximize their gains.

An aspiring value investor should start investing in new projects on a trusted lending platform to maximize their gains.

An aspiring value investor should start investing in new projects on a trusted lending platform to maximize their gains.

When investing in a particular cryptocurrency, it is important to ensure that your portfolio is balanced and not just follow the investment strategies of other traders.

An effective crypto investment strategy must include margin trading and sound investment decisions to maximize crypto investment returns.

As a crypto investor, it is important to diversify your investments by investing in digital currency and traditional assets.

“In order to maximize profits, having well-defined crypto trading strategies that can be applied to multiple asset classes as well as fiat currencies is essential for successful trading.”

Many investors look to crypto investing to generate passive income, and fund managers often use this approach to diversify portfolios.

The cryptocurrency market can be very volatile and risky, so doing your own research and choosing the right crypto exchange is critical to success in the crypto space.

Understanding price action, cryptocurrency trading and short-term volatility is essential to a successful cryptocurrency investment strategy.

“It’s important to have a long-term strategy when investing in the volatile cryptocurrency exchange market to maximize returns.”

The best crypto investment strategies for a successful portfolio in the crypto space include diversifying your crypto coins and following the market.

The asset class in the crypto world is rapidly growing and becoming increasingly popular.

Creating a balanced portfolio that includes both traditional investments and crypto assets can be one of the smart cryptocurrency investment strategies.

Frequently asked questions:

Is dollar cost averaging worth it?

Financial experts debate the effectiveness of dollar cost averaging as an investment strategy. Some argue that this can help investors avoid the psychological pitfalls of trying to time the market and can lead to a lower average purchase price of assets over time. On the other hand, others argue that this can result in missed opportunities to buy at lower prices or sell at higher prices.

Is low market cap and low supply a reliable crypto investment strategy?

Although this strategy involves risk, ensuring the quality of the project and community support can definitely reduce the risks.

Is it also applicable for day trading strategy?

It can be entered early in the pre-sale phase, sold on the listing date and bought back after a major pullback if the project has long-term potential.

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