Costa Rica: an ideal destination for technology companies

QCOSTARICA (Summa) In recent years, Costa Rica has become an exporter of services in the area of ​​technology and communications, due to the fact that the country has attractive conditions for foreign investment, qualified human talent, technological infrastructure and a strategic geographic location where transnational corporations feel safe.

According to data from the Chamber of Information and Communication Technologies (CAMTIC), in its Digital Mapping study, it was determined that around 450 companies in the country are linked to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). sector and this generates approximately 42,256 direct jobs, where 86% have a university degree and the sales volume is at least US$1.3 billion.

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“Costa Rica, being a promoter of the adoption of new technologies, has become a point of attention for both distributors, solution aggregators and providers of different services, while large companies have sought to grow in this market in the country ”, explained Jan de Kok, Vice President and General Manager for the Caribbean, Central America and Venezuela (CCA) of TD SYNNEX, a company that recently celebrated its first year of operations after the merger of the companies Tech Data and Synnex.

“The country has always been an example of technology adoption for the Central American region, this has led us to double the company’s investment in human resources and sales here in the last 10 months, in order to meet the needs of the local and regional markets of Central America from Costa Rica”, added de Kok.

TD SYNNEX, a company that has been operating in the country since 2007, before as Tech Data, has positioned itself as a world leader in aggregation solutions for the IT ecosystem.

Currently, the TD SYNNEX portfolio focuses on:

  • Digital transformation, which is a top priority for all companies, generating demand for IT investments.
  • The best IT infrastructure to execute digital transformation projects in a multicloud hybrid infrastructure focused on applications, with a special focus on next-generation technologies such as cybersecurity, IoT and Data.
  • Modern HMC (Hybrid Multicloud) applications and infrastructure managed by major providers and customers.

“Our role in the information technology system is distribution, which has evolved to become a solution orchestrator. It means we have the ability to connect technology providers with channels, including resellers, local service providers, integrators, end users, consumers, software developers, among others, to bring the technology to the end user,” adds de Kok.

The company, with 22,000 employees around the world and more than 600 in Costa Rica, recognizes the quality of local human resources, with proficiency in a second language, academic preparation and attention that puts them at the forefront of customer service. this industry

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“The diversity of the talent of our staff is a virtue, they have a combination of skills and attitudes for a service company, which is what we are responsible for. TD SYNNEX, apart from everything related to technology, cares about our clients, our collaborators and our suppliers”, he highlights.

In Latin America and the Caribbean, TD SYNNEX works on different solidarity initiatives throughout the year, focusing on mobilizing employees to allocate resources to support various social fronts, with the aim of improving the quality of life of different groups in the community. through partners in different countries.

As for Costa Rica, the country is expected to continue growing with the investment of new companies and the expansion of companies that are already in the territory.

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