Colorado resident Donna Lawrence saw her debut published

In her debut novel, Miss Virginia and the Sweet Sisters, Donna Lawrence weaves the story of a mixed-race girl growing up in Kentucky during the civil rights era, where racial racism abounds and a long-ago murder still haunts the town.

“Intra-racial racism wasn’t talked about much during the ’60s,” Lawrence said. “Colorism, as it’s called, is a thing that seems to have grown over time. Exploring how this issue shapes the growth and nature of a young mixed-race girl was an intriguing aspect to research. Added to this story is the resilience that man develops when he faces his fears of evil.”

In “Miss Virginia and the Sweet Sisters,” readers are immersed in the world of Kentucky’s bluegrass horse country, the wonders of growing up, and the mysteries of life experienced by a young girl, Lindsey Hollis. The backdrop of the murder and the sleazy side of small-town life heightens the suspense laced with racial tension in late 1960s southern Kentucky. Will Lindsey find the courage to persevere and save herself and her friends before the killer strikes again?

“I hope that the message this story conveys will resonate with today’s readers. Yes, it’s a time-worn acceptance story, but one that returns to values ​​that we seem to have lost along the way, especially today.” Donna continues, “In this raw, gritty, authentic and heartfelt story lies a timely message that I believe needs to be told. After reading it, I hope others will feel the same.”

Biography of the author:

Donna Lawrence writes in the genre of women’s fiction set in historical periods, even touching on growing up in small-town America. “Miss Virginia and the Sweet Sisters” is her debut novel. A collection of short stories and poetry is planned to be released soon. Her poetry has been published in collections and published in newspapers. As of 2020 and 2021, two of her poems have been published on the 9/11 Memorial website. Donna Lawrence was born and raised in Kentucky, but has lived in Colorado for a long time. She is currently working on her second novel and posts monthly on her personal blog.

Details about the purchase of the book:

A book: Miss Virginia and the cute sisters

On sale: December 5, 2022 at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and local bookstores.

Price: $24.95 (hardcover), $15.95 (paperback), $9.99 (e-book)

Number of pages: hardcover (329 pages), softcover (377 pages)

Copyright: TXU 2-327-323

ISBN numbers: HC (979-8-9872168-0-4), PB (979-8-9872168-1-1, e-book (979-8-9872168-2-8)


Publisher/LLC: Crescent Hill Press

Address: PO Box 200754, Denver, Colorado 80247

Website Email: [email protected]

Business email: [email protected]

Author’s website:

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