Chamber connection: plan the economic forecast for 2023

Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce

Happy New Year Central Delaware. Was it too soon?

The Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce (CDCC) apologizes for any premature scares it may have caused, but that’s right, 2023 is pretty much right around the corner and the CDCC wants to keep you, the community, informed on all aspects financial. The CDCC keeps your New Year’s financial and economic resolutions in mind to provide you with information to help you make better financial decisions on behalf of yourself or your business.

Save the date for the CDCC’s 9th Annual Economic Forecasting Breakfast to be held on January 31, 2023, in the beautiful Ballroom of Maple Dale Country Club in Dover, the capital of the first state, from 7:30 to 9: 30 am Join CDCC & BIG Investment Services for an educational and engaging start to your day with your local professional business community addressing a topic that affects us all: the economy. Speakers at this event will provide information on the economic forecast at the federal, state and local levels to help members prepare and position their businesses for success in the coming year.

Attendees can expect news from this event’s title sponsor, BIG Investment Services.

The Founder and President, David Boothe, will be present to address, advise and admonish the current economic market at the national level. The CDCC thanks Mr. Boothe and the team at BIG Investment Services for not only sponsoring this charity event for yet another year, but also for being trusted experts to the Central Delaware community.

BIG Investment Services is proficient in helping clients plan for retirement, taxes, personal investing, college, risk management, and estate planning. If you would like to learn more about BIG Investment Services, it would be great to attend this event and hear from the representatives themselves, visit their website at or call them at 302-734-7526.

Look out to hear from Brenda Wise, Director of Policy and Communications for the Delaware Office of Management and Budget. Ms. Wise brings a background of Delaware law and experience in prompting budget analysts to consider the fiscal impacts of pending legislation. Ms. Wise is passionate about changing the system for Delawareans on a larger scale, especially in the economic sector. Everyone in attendance will leave feeling much wiser after Ms. Wise’s financial speech at the state level.

Linda Parkowski, Executive Director of the Kent Economic Partnership/Choose Central Delaware, will be on hand to share her wealth of knowledge about local area economic development. A native of Kent County for over 30 years, Ms. Parkowski knows what the community needs and how to attract business to the area. Her local insight into the central Delaware economy is sure to hit home as she provides guidance for listeners as they take what they’ve heard and apply it to their business or personal goals.

The economic landscape can be intimidating and overwhelming, especially when that’s not where you came from. Business professionals have a lot to worry about in the day-to-day functions of their business or within their companies. Therefore, it is very important to attend the CDCC Economic Forecasts Breakfast because industry professionals will be able to inform the public about the ups and downs and what they “need to know” in easily understandable language that will help you and your business. In addition to the educational benefit, this mind-meeting breakfast will also be a networking opportunity for everyone to connect with each other in ways that aren’t always possible on a normal business day.

Tickets for this event are just $27 for CDCC members and $32 for non-members. Registration for this event opens in December. Visit the CDCC website at or call the office at 302-734-7513 for more information and to register by January 4.

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