Chainlink and Cryptoons strive to outperform every other cryptocurrency on the market

The crypto market has definitely seen better days. The market has managed to overcome its humble beginnings to become one of the largest financial industries in the world today. For more than ten years, the crypto market has had its good, bad and ugly days. However, it survived through it all and provided tremendous value to investors and users. The crypto market, like any other market, has its fair share of bear markets. Bear markets, otherwise known as crypto winters, have all come and gone. At the dawn of every crypto winter, some coins get swept away and some coins emerge stronger.

The crypto market has been dealing with one of the worst crypto winters for several months now. As the days passed, the value of many coins decreased. Investors saw losses from several angles as the crypto winter gripped most coins in the market. Many investors have waved the flag of truce and given up, waiting for the crypto winter to pass before diving back into crypto assets. However, several other investors are choosing to stock up on great coins that have the potential to become huge once crypto winter passes. While considering such coins, many investors agree that Chainlink (LINK) and Cryptoons ($CTOON) are viable options that could turn a profit in the coming days.

CHAINLINK (LINK): Creating links

Chainlink (LINK) surprised the crypto world with its bright and different ideals. A crypto asset is a decentralized network that offers a connection to different blockchains in the market. Through its off-chain data, Chainlink (LINK) connects blockchains. Blockchains do not have access to the outside world due to security issues as well as limited data. To solve this, Chainlink (LINK) provides a connection between the blockchain and the outside world.

Crypto assets have managed to become such an integral part of the cryptosphere. With the worldwide adoption of cryptocurrency, there is no doubt that the use case for Chainlink (LINK) will only become more prominent. Due to the interesting use case, several companies have expressed interest in the coin, and one in particular has signed a partnership. SWIFT, an important authority in the payment sector worldwide, has linked to crypto assets. The payment platform will use the Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP) to communicate with as many blockchains as needed. Thanks to Chainlink (LINK), SWIFT is able to stay one step ahead of the competition through its connection to blockchains.

Chainlink (LINK) was founded in 2017 and is managed by a sizeable open source community filled with node operators, data providers, smart contract developers, security auditors, researchers and other players interested in the platform.

CRYPTOONS ($CTOON): Bringing Blockchain Technology to Art

Human works of art have existed for several centuries. In fact, the visual art of storytelling is considered one of the oldest ways people communicate information and entertain themselves. Although we have come a long way from cave paintings, the need for pictorial storytelling has not been exhausted. With that in mind, Cryptoons ($CTOON) is trying to bring the art of storytelling into the 21st century. Through blockchain technology, crypto assets provide a marketplace that excels in comics, manga, and webtoons. The Cryptoons ($CTOON) team understood the human desire for escapism and provided the perfect place for all comic book lovers to gather. Through the platform, creators, buyers and fans of comics and manga have a safe space where they can socialize with like-minded people. Cryptoons ($CTOON) is currently in the pre-sale phase, but there is no doubt that the crypto asset is outperforming every other coin in the crypto market.

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