Brand Networks Announces Expansion of Its Employee Advocacy Technology to TikTok

ROCHESTER, New York, November 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, brand networks is pleased to announce the release of new TikTok capabilities for its Creator Communities platform, becoming the first marketing partner to bring TikTok’s alpha organic API (Application Programming Interface) to a third-party mobile app.

brand networksThe Creator Communities platform enables employee advocates and creators to securely create, publish, and measure organic content on behalf of their organization. It already supports multiple social channels, including Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. With the new integration, the platform now enables real-time posting and measurement on TikTok for hundreds of thousands of business Pages and personal accounts. It also allows employers to accurately measure and reward their employees for the content they create at scale.

mike garsinBrand Networks CEO says, “Brand Networks is incredibly excited to be working with TikTok to bring new and innovative technical solutions to our clients. The integration with TikTok allows brand advocates and creators to express themselves on one of the most popular social channels.” popular and relevant.

The company has a proven track record of success in bringing innovative social solutions to market and is honored to be the first to integrate TikTok’s newest organic capability into a third-party mobile app.

jeremy frickBrand Networks CTO states: “Adding TikTok to our organic capabilities represents a significant expansion for our technology, allowing users to seamlessly and meaningfully engage with this incredibly popular channel through our mobile apps.

About brand networks

Brand Networks helps brands build new and meaningful relationships with their employees, customers, and communities through innovative social solutions.

Since 2006, Brand Networks has been a leader in social networking technology and services. Its mission is to provide cutting-edge social solutions that allow brands and agencies to get the most out of their investments in social networks. BN partners with social platforms to create technologies that integrate with their APIs to enable unique targeting and optimizations that drive performance and deliver meaningful results. More than 1,500 companies have trusted Brand Networks to solve their newest and most difficult challenges. The company is headquartered in Rochester with offices in BostonBentonville, sydney and Hyderabad.

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