Birchwood’s wellbeing coach talks about overcoming anxiety in new novel

BIRCHWOOD wellbeing coach turned author has joined 10 other inspiring women to write a brand new #1 bestseller that acts as a voice to help others ‘overcome the darkness’.

In the novel, Melanie Pollard talks openly about her life’s journey of overcoming anxiety.

Jumping straight to number 1 in 10 different categories on Amazon’s Kindle Bestseller Chart, ‘From the Ashes, She is Ignited: Volume 2’ aims to inspire women to leave trauma behind and ‘live life once more’.

Melanie took her life in a whole new direction after experiencing menopause symptoms and realizing the social stigma attached to the topic.

Deciding her career was no longer bringing her happiness at the time, Melanie retrained as a wellbeing coach and attended menopause mentoring courses – recently opening Warrington’s first menopause pop-up cafe.

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But her latest triumph was part of a larger project launched by The Mamas Ignited founder, Louisa Herridge.

“The focus of ‘From the Ashes, She is Ignited: Volume 2’ is a powerful retelling of what we’ve all been through and what’s still possible on the other side,” said Melanie. “Our stories will not be unfamiliar to many women and I am delighted to be a part of Louisa’s passion project.”

The novel is the second volume of its kind, and its pages are filled with empowering stories of women who have ‘risen from the ashes of trauma’ and are now living lives filled with ‘positivity, passion and confidence’.

Melanie talks about growing up with anxiety that persisted into adulthood and parenthood and how she finally overcame it, in her chapter ‘Releasing the Songbird’.

All the statements of the ten women show strength and unwavering determination. Chapters cover sensitive topics including childhood trauma, mental illness, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders, divorce, abortion, sexual abuse.

“I hope that in our shared accounts many more women will find the courage and confidence to pick themselves up and start again,” added Melanie.

“I want to share my story and experience of anxiety, because I believe in the power of connection and coming together to overcome adversity.

“If people who are currently struggling see what I overcame and how, I hope it will help them see a way out as well.

The book promises a message of hope for cooperation to all women.

Louisa Herridge said: “This process is just wonderful. The joy and excitement of the author behind the scenes gives me such a sense of passion and purpose knowing that everything I set out to do in my work and in this book will come to life.”

“The ten women in this book have one thing in common, strength.

“Their stories will take you from the darkness, heartbreak and despair of life through power, strength and resilience to ignition.

“Melanie has bravely put pen to paper to share her experiences so she can inspire and motivate others.

“She wrote bravely about her life, transformation, growth, challenges, failures and learnings.”

The Birchwood resident now offers one-on-one support, group coaching and other programs including support for menopausal women.

You can contact Melanie to access her services on her Facebook page

She added: “I am proof that it is possible to turn your life around.” If we can help even just one woman do the same through the publication of this book, then that’s all worth it to me.”

The best seller can be purchased on Amazon.

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