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1. Anchorage, AK

In Anchorage, Alaska, 2.60% of the population is made up of veterans 65 and older, which is the 40th highest percentage for this double-weighted metric. Meanwhile, Anchorage ranks 35th for its low unemployment rate (2.9%) and 91st for the percentage of veterans living below the poverty line (7.9%). For senior military retirees, the city offers the lowest tax burden (14.78%) in the entire study.

2.Roseville, Calif.

Roseville, California, ranks seventh in the ease of military retirement index and eighth in the economic environment ranking. Approximately 3% of Roseville’s population are veterans age 65 and older (15th highest) and the area offers the 22nd highest income for veterans ($61,953).

3. Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Sioux Falls, South Dakota remains #3 this year due to its continued strong rankings. Sioux Falls boasts a spot in the top 20 cities for our Veterans Resources category. In particular, we estimate that there are about 21 VA health centers and almost two VA benefits administration offices, both for every 100,000 veterans.

4. Lakewood, Colorado

Colorado ranks sixth best in the number of VA benefits administration offices per capita, offering 2.30 offices per 100,000 veterans. The City of Lakewood is also ranked 18th overall for its strong economic environment, which is made up of these three metrics: median veteran income ($53,957), percentage of veterans living below the poverty line (4.8%) and August 2022 unemployment rate (3.0%). ).

5.Vancouver, Wash.

Vancouver, Washington, ranks second in our military retirement ease category. Specifically, Vancouver also has the fourth highest percentage of veterans age 65 and older (4.03%) and a low estimated tax burden for seniors (22.02%).

6. Overland Park, Kansas

Overland Park, Kansas ranked second best for the Economic Environment Index among the 200 cities in our study. Unemployment is low, with just 2.6% of workers out of a job as of August 2022 (18th lowest overall). Additionally, Overland offers the 60th highest number of retirement communities per capita, at 16.53.

7. Chesapeake, VA

Chesapeake, Virginia shows a top 20 ranking on two metrics: percentage of the population who are veterans 65 and older (3.22%) and veteran median income level ($76,406). Chesapeake seniors are less likely to live below the poverty line with approximately 5.0% of this demographic currently in this position.

8. Surprise, Arizona

Surprise, Arizona gave us a few surprises when compared to the other 200 cities in our study. For starters, the city ranks in the top 10 for both its economic environment and its ease of military retirement. Additionally, this Phoenix suburb was ranked number one for percentage of the population who are veterans age 65 and older (4.51%) and has the second lowest veteran poverty rate (1.4% ).

9.Oceanside, Calif.

Oceanside, California, moved up one place this year in the overall ranking for military retirees. Located between Los Angeles and San Diego, the city of Oceanside ranks well for its relatively low percentage of veterans living below the poverty line (5.0%), which is the 28th lowest in our study. Veterans in Oceanside also earn approximately $58,369, the 34th-highest median income for veterans in the entire study.

10. Peoria, Arizona

Peoria, Arizona rounds out this year’s top 10 rankings for military retirees. Peoria ranks among the top 20 cities in two metrics: percentage of veterans below the poverty line (3.6%) and percentage of the population that retired as veterans (3.36%). The median income for veterans is $60,739, further demonstrating the area’s strong economic environment for veterans.

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