Apps that have no alternatives… | by FadinGeek | November 2022

There are applications that simply have their own way, since they do not have competitors yet.

Let’s go through them and you’ll know what I mean. These are applications that are given too much importance. So much so that no one cares to compete with them and this really makes them too dominant. Ok, let’s continue with the list.

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You ask anyone who streams in this world and at least about 95% of all people who stream/record for content creation use OBS Studio or some fork of OBS like streamlabs etc. And there is nothing better you can get with this type of software. It is also completely open source and performs most recording/streaming/syncing services with most platforms like YouTube, Twitch, etc.

Now of course I know some of you may disagree with me on this but even now if you try to look for a valid VFX software the closest you can get is something like Blender or DaVinci Fusion and other amazingly paid but none of them. are as feature-rich as Adobe After Effects, none of them especially consider visual effects as a special part.

Also, most of the genuine alternatives to this are very well paid in many ways and have some place where they drop after effects.

Adobe really makes a good move by separating and making sure that they focus on making each part the best and making a difference. I mean… sure, we have Natron and other apps, but it still doesn’t do the job of After effects using a timeline workflow.

Now I get it… It’s not just software here. It gives you everything related to sound editing and music creation, and honestly, personally, there is no software that can create music as well or as efficiently and easily as Pro Tools, if you know what I mean.

This should be my question… What good is it for me to talk about all these applications? Is that useful? Well yes… These apps I just mentioned have no competitors, and the people who actually use this app have no choice but to use it. Sure, they have alternatives, but they’re so far off that it’s unfair to call them competition. So yeah… We need SOME other people to make an app like the ones on this list to at least push them to compete and improve faster.

Now here are some that… Miss the bus which also makes a big difference and still needs some competition.


I’ve included this here because it’s the only free audio editor that offers so many features and leaves no choice for audio editors. Audio editors have so few options, that if you need to use an audio editor for free, you have to use this… pale ugly software with no extra features like dark mode etc, even though they have the time and energy to do it . put in that part of the software.


I am including GIMP here because there is no software to compete with GIMP, which is free and anyone can use it. It’s just this and Photoshop, leaving people with a very small collection of software to choose from.

So yeah… I hope you got something out of this and enjoyed it. I couldn’t write many articles last week due to my health, and I’m not going back. I will be making more videos about this on YouTube and Insta. If you feel like contributing with me, please consider my Patreon. With that being said, follow my socials for more like this and I’ll see you in the next one.

You are amazing 🙂


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