An interview with a vampire producer teases the future of the Anne Rice adaptation

Anne Rice’s Interview with a Vampire was a huge hit for AMC. The series, inspired by Rice’s novel of the same name, recently wrapped up its first season with the reveal of vampire Armando as the story prepares to jump to Europe in the already announced second season, meaning fans have plenty more to look forward to. But with the first season and the upcoming second season following the two halves of the novel, what happens after the story is told has some fans wondering what’s next for Louis and Lestat and it looks like there’s a plan going forward Interview. According to producer Adam O’Byrne, showrunner Rolin Jones is already planning a third season of the show, one that will take Lestat’s perspective on things.

“In the third season that Rolin has in his head, I think there will be some kind of Lestat’s perspective, let’s put it that way,” O’Byrne said. Canadian press (over it Toronto Star). “Whether it’s sitting down for an interview or some other way to show the world through his eyes.”

Fans of Rice’s novels know that, as far as books go, the second novel in the The Vampire Chronicles it’s a series Vampire Lestat which is very much Lestat’s story from his own perspective—including his take on Louis’s story from Interview with a vampire. In that book, Interview was published as a real-world novel, prompting Lestat to tell his own story after revealing himself to people as a vampire, though they think he’s joking. Given that the AMC series made some major changes to Rice’s first novel, they probably would have done the same Vampire Lestat for future seasons, especially in terms of Louis’ presence, something O’Byrne addressed.

“The way we envisioned the show from a racial diversity perspective is something that will continue to be a priority for us,” he said. “Part of that would be trying to keep Louis involved outside of the way he just dips in and out of the canon [after] the first book.”

When can fans expect 2. season Interview with a vampire?

Even though it’s been a little over a month since the season 1 finale Interview with a vampire on AMC, fans of the series may have a bit of a wait for Season 2. O’Byrne has indicated that he doesn’t expect Season 2 to arrive until late 2023 or even early 2024, with the series expected to shoot from April to August 2023 in Prague .

“I guess we’re not going to get to that period,” O’Byrne said of the first season’s October release month. “It’s AMC’s call.

What viewers can expect from season 2 Interview with a vampire?

“We’re going to Europe, and the second part of the novel is the first episode of the second season. So we’re going there and we’re going to experience it. Then we’re going to Paris. We’re going to see what life in the coven is all about, and we have a little more time than a movie or even a book ” Jones said earlier. “We continue to make the interview a part of this and just as important as the flashback, because there are some very active things that will be happening in Dubai. Then, more than anything, we teased it a little bit in Season 1, the idea of ​​memory and what’s true, and what’s not true is a big player in Season 2. It’s all going towards, groping towards, who am I? How did I get here? What’s going to happen to me now? There’s a lot!”

The first season of Interview with a vampire now streaming on AMC+. The second season does not yet have an expected release date. The third season has not been officially announced yet.

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