Add the military to the Republican list of political pawns

They tell me there was a time when almost nothing was more important to the Republican Party than having a strong military.

This was actually a GOP talking point used against Democrats, who would claim they were a danger to our military and military readiness. They actually said that.

The army was a sacred place, they said. Our soldiers, sailors, and airmen were heroes who deserved our unwavering support. If someone dared to question a war conflict in which our country is involved, it would be the same as not supporting the troops, they warned.

Well, times have certainly changed.

Politico reports that after Republicans take control of the House next year, they will be ready to act after the Biden administration has forced a so-called “wake-up” on the military. Yes, according to the Republican Party, the world’s largest fighting force simply can’t do its job properly because of all the terrible ideas the Democrats are promoting.

Why are they upset? This is what some of them had to say:

* “I’ve seen what the Democrats have done on a lot of these, especially the National Defense Authorization Act and the awakening they want to bring there,” Kevin McCarthy, who is in the process of selling his soul to multiple demons in hoping to be the next Speaker of the House, he said. “In fact, I think the NDAA should hold out until the first of the year, and let’s do it right.”

*Rep. Michael Waltz has pushed to ban the teaching of critical race theory in service academies, accusing the administration of “a socially driven progressive agenda being forced on the military.”

*Rep. Mike Rogers, who will chair the Armed Services Committee next year, said the Biden administration wants to “impose its political agenda on our service members” rather than focus on military threats. “Republicans seek to hold the Biden administration accountable for misusing Defense Department resources to implement far-left initiatives that have nothing to do with national security.”

* “To all of our service academies, I would just say that you want to hit the brakes on hiring, you know, five new ‘DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) professors,’ or creating new departments,” said Rep. Mike Gallagher. . “Because I guarantee you that when Congress is controlled by Republicans… we are going to roll this back and expose this ideology for the distraction of war that it is.”

*Basic Science and Troop Health are not spared from Republican attacks. They are angry with the Covid-19 vaccine mandate for military personnel. Republicans have struck down the rule for forcing troops out of service (it’s called disobeying a direct order and endangering the health and well-being of your fellow servicemen, just for clarification) and have offered various proposals to undo the sanctions. for personnel not shot.

You can read Politico’s story here.

Good, now we know. Attempts to have a more diverse military, teach troops history, and protect them from a deadly virus are too “awakened” for today’s edition of the GOP to tolerate. And, in turn, the men and women of the military are too weak and irresponsible to not be seriously harmed by these efforts.

Republicans claim these are distractions. To the extent that they are, it is because the Republican Party has turned them into distractions. You’re always going to have complaints, but I have to believe that the vast majority of our fighting men and women have the discipline, intelligence and dedication to not let things like this have any effect on their performance.

These alleged problems have been amplified by Republicans for political gain, without caring on their end how they are affecting the military. That’s because the military is just another set of pawns in their ongoing culture war designed to distract us from their unpopular political positions, inability to govern, and corruption, and to try to catch people who don’t care. they matter and that they are Republican policies did not help to vote for them.

Diversity is a strength, not a weakness. How bad can it be to draw your members from a broader group of people and operate under a philosophy that will increase cohesion?

Critical race theory is not an anti-white movement. It is teaching the truth about our history and our country. How can we improve if we continue to ignore reality because a political party sees it as another wedge to drive our way through? The men and women in our military come from all walks of life. They know the truth. Why do republicans treat them like they are stupid?

And speaking of bullshit, I would remind everyone that more than a million Americans have died from Covid-19, including many needlessly because the Republican Party decided that arguing against scientifically proven methods like vaccination mandates and mask-wearing were Good political talking points.

If Republicans really cared about the military, they wouldn’t be supporters of Donald Trump, who insulted our military, weakened our position around the world, and tried to sink NATO, which would have turned key allies away from helping us militarily. if necessary. .

But in the end, they don’t care about the military. They care about nothing more than winning and retaining power. Teachers, doctors, the LGBTQ+ community and now the military are just a means to an end in their corrupt and lie-infested quest for power.

We owe a debt of gratitude to our military. Someone needs to tell the Republicans that that includes not demoting them through political talking points. Don’t oppose legitimate things that will strengthen our military because they don’t fit their political narrative.

Look, Congress has a duty to oversee the military. To make sure that everything is done in the best interest of our country and the men and women who are committed to protecting it. For example, investigating our withdrawal from Afghanistan is a legitimate business. Of course, it will end up being politicized like everything else.

Countless times every day, someone meets a current or former military member and says, “Thank you for your service.” It’s a nice gesture, but there’s something even more important we need to do: elect people who will put them first, far ahead of their political ambitions.

Considering what they do for us, that’s the least we can do for them.


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