ABB technology supports one of the largest data centers in Shanghai

ABB’s power solutions support one of the largest data centers in Shanghai, used by Tencent and China Telecom.

Located in the Shanghai Yueke Big Data Industrial Park, the 70,000 m2 data center has 8,000 electrification cabinets, making it one of the largest in the city.

It provides digital services and complex IT work to large and high-profile clients, including Tencent, which is the creator of the WeChat social media and messaging platform, and China Telecom, the world’s seventh-largest telecommunications provider.

The company says the partnership will help keep China’s more than 1 billion internet users connected while maximizing reliability, stability and uptime and improving power efficiency.

China is the number one user of the web in the world, and users have a growing appetite for data.

The data center industry in China has been growing rapidly, and reliability is top priority for operators, including those behind the Shanghai Yueke Data Center, which ABB has just installed a voltage power distribution solution. medium and low to keep the data. streaming 24/7.

To ensure the facility can maintain data flow between its customers and its millions of users, Yueke’s data center has been designed to meet China’s A-level data center design standards. It has also achieved the ISO 9000 quality mark.

It has been awarded Tier 3 certification by the Uptime Institute for its maintenance and operations, but to further enhance its credentials and ensure 24-hour availability, ABB’s UniGear ZS1 switchgear installed on the site has been fitted with Relion protection and control relays. .

These ensure that any problems in the power system can be detected as soon as possible so that the problems can be eliminated or the impact can be significantly reduced.

“By adopting ABB’s high-quality electrical products and solutions, the power system of Shanghai Yueke data center has become safer, greener and smarter, greatly improving our competitiveness and service quality.” “, says Wang Qi, director of development and sales in Shanghai. Yueke Technology Co.Ltd.

To further improve efficiency, ABB Ability Energy Manager was also installed to monitor power quality, operational status and power consumption in real time, and to improve power quality in server rooms.

ABB Ability also provides additional benefits for Yueke data center operators, including enhanced security and reliability of IT equipment, optimized asset allocation, and helps the data center operate in a smarter, lower-carbon way. to reduce power consumption by approximately 20%.

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