A top married celebrity was found to have gone golfing with two women who work at an adult entertainment establishment in Japan.

A new controversy has erupted in the entertainment industry after it was revealed that a 40-year-old married male celebrity went on a golf trip with women who work at a Korean adult entertainment establishment in Japan.

SBS Entertainment News reported that the top star’A‘went on a golf trip with’B.‘, a CEO of a Korean entertainment company and two women in their 30s and 40s. They were at a high-class golf resort located in Chiba Prefecture, Japan on October 31.

These women are known to work at a Korean adult entertainment establishment located in Akasaka, in central Tokyo, Japan. Additionally, these women were found to have been working on a visa obtained by setting up a non-substantial corporation through a broker. It is illegal for Korean women without permanent residence in Japan to work in entertainment establishments.

The day the four people played golf was two days after the Itaewon tragedy occurred in Seoul. It was during the period when the major broadcasting companies canceled their broadcast schedules and replaced them with reruns to participate in the national mourning period. Many artists have also postponed or canceled their scheduled performances.

It was confirmed that ‘B’, the CEO of the entertainment company, had paid for all the expenses, such as golf, dinner and alcohol expenses, with the company’s credit card.

CEO ‘B’ explained: “It was a meeting with Mr. ‘A’ for the purpose of discussing the casting of the Korean-Japanese joint drama. It was a previous commitment made a month ago, so we couldn’t call it off abruptly.” However, it has been pointed out that the trip cannot be considered as an ordinary business meeting since both went to play golf accompanied by two women from a leisure establishment.

Regarding this, lead star ‘A’ explained, “I had no idea they were women from an entertainment establishment. Mr. ‘B’ said that he knew someone, so I met them for the first time during the golf trip. We just played golf as usual and ate dinner. We didn’t even go to a bar.”

The CEO of entertainment company ‘B’ also explained, “I had an acquaintance who was supposed to go with us, but she said she was sick. So the day before, she was quick to introduce the women who could play golf and were fluent in Japanese. I belatedly realized that this trip could be seen as inappropriate for a business meeting, but it happened because of the language barrier and it was an unfamiliar environment.”

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