A new sci-fi novel follows a humanoid robot who transforms into one of the most advanced spies in the galaxy

Action and adventure await readers Paul D. Escudero ‘Twenty Million Years: The Rediscovery of Earth and Mars’

SAN DIEGO , January 6, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Multi-published author Paul D. Escudero marks his return to the literary scene with the publication of the book “Twenty Million Years: The Rediscovery of Earth and Mars” (Archway Publishing).

Set 20,000,000 years in the future, this sci-fi novel follows the journey of Chirak, a humanoid robot created by implanting a computer in place of a deceased human’s brain. The action then shifts to the archaeological excavations Moscow, and later Mars. Meanwhile, a galactic threat is slowly taking over all the Empires, leaving only one to conquer – Cobast. In order to conquer Cobasta, the evil empire (the Fubians) must capture Earth and make it a garrison planet halfway to the Cobasta Empire, otherwise the distance is too great for the invasion force.

Eventually a battle takes place on Earth and the outcome affects the Fubians as a security person on the Evil Emperor’s command ship shoots and kills the Emperor. This ends the conquest of Earth and the Cabast Empire. Later in the book, Chirak rescues the emperor’s assassin from prison to reward him for saving the lives of billions of people by ending the war when he killed the evil emperor. The rescued man is given a new identity and is later involved in the entanglements of Chirak’s future espionage operations as Chirak makes him a partner along with Lana. Thus, the Chirak spy agency was founded, which conducts intergalactic espionage operations in this book and the sequels that follow.

“It has adventure, romance, intrigue, espionage, sabotage, space warfare, archeology and speculation about the future of humanity,” Escudero describes. When asked what he wants readers to take away from the book, he says: “To think outside the box and not be complacent.”

“Twenty Million Years: The Rediscovery of Earth and Mars” is available for purchase in print and e-book formats at https://www.archwaypublishing.com/en/bookstore/bookdetails/839176-twenty-million-years.

“Twenty Million Years: The Rediscovery of Earth and Mars”
Per Paul D. Escudero
Hardcover | 6 x 9 inches | 560 pages | ISBN 9781665732567
Paperback | 6 x 9 inches | 560 pages | ISBN 9781665732581
E-book | 560 pages | ISBN 9781665732574
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

about the author
Paul D. Escudero lives in San Diego, California, where he spends his mornings walking along the beach and thinking about the universe and humanity. During these long walks, enjoying the sea life and the magnificent nature of the Earth, he comes up with novels such as “The Birdman, Travels to the Stars”. After a career in high-end electronics working with major defense contractors, government agencies, laboratories and the military, he now spends his time writing novels and most of the time listening to classical music. He also loves trains, history, artwork, and casually observing the many wonderful people who occupy this planet. He expects to meet an alien one day. Maybe he did, but he didn’t know?

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