A Bella Coola Valley-like location for a new young adult fantasy novel by a local author

Kathleen Moore can’t wait to share her new novel The Jeweled Kingdom at a book launch and signing on Friday, January 20, in Bella Coola.

A multi-generational story with characters who travel between different worlds, the book is the story of three women, Moore said.

“A grandmother and her daughter escape to a farm in a valley that is very similar to Bella Coola from another dimension. They ran away from a man they called a sorcerer because he had taken control of their daughter’s husband.”

The characters in the story are able to use gems to do good things. They can channel their power through various gemstones to perform what some people would call miracles or magic.

Before the escape, the grandmother was the queen of one country and the daughter was married to the heir to the throne of another.

Upon arriving at the farm, the daughter realizes that she will have a child.

In the end, the grandmother and mother realize that the child has great power and will be the one to save everyone.

Moore started working on the book about 11 years ago, though it didn’t take that long to write it.

She has been trying to find a publisher for the last five or so years, and recently decided to go the self-publishing route.

When asked about her writing, she said that usually something suddenly interests her and she will write about it.

“I do that with my poetry as well.”

Moore grew up in Ontario. She and her husband Tom moved to the Bella Coola Valley in 1974 with three children under the age of four. They have six grandchildren.

Since 1995, they have been running a small greenhouse business.

While growing up, she enjoyed writing and for years created prose and poetry, and some of her songs were used for various celebrations. In 1967, she won the Birks Prize for English.

“My approach to writing is also very visual because stories unfold in my mind like a movie.”

A pen, ink and watercolor artist, she has exhibited her work at several exhibitions and created the cover for The Jeweled Kingdom.

“We live in a beautiful place,” she added. “The people are so friendly – ​​you can’t beat that.”

Bella Coola Valley has been known for its creativity for years, she added.

“There are so many artists and so many musicians here. It’s impressive.”

Several books written by local authors have been published recently, including a historical book, a sci-fi romance, a mystery, a children’s book, and her YA fantasy.

He is in the middle of writing a sequel.

The book launch and signing will be held at The Art House Gallery run by the Bella Coola Valley Arts Council.

It starts at 19:00

With files from Kathleen Moore

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