8 Most Anticipated Books to Put on Your 2023 Reading List

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Bookworms and casual readers alike have a lot to look forward to in 2023, especially if you’re into women’s novels or high-profile nonfiction. The release calendar for the coming year is full of great writing, though there are a few that stand out above the rest.

From Prince Harry’s debut memoir, which has the press and the British royal family on the edge of their seats, to Curtis Sittenfeld’s new entertainment industry novel, there’s something on the way for everyone. And that is only the tip of the literary iceberg.

Whether you’re looking for a thriller, a true story, or a cozy romance, here are the eight most anticipated books of 2023.

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Spare Prince Harry
Random House

Prince Harry didn’t hold back too much in his recent Netflix documentary Harry & Meghanbut the royal will apparently have more to say in his memoir, which will be released on January 10.

Not much is known about the book beyond speculation in the press, though we’d expect some bombs to drop (some media have called it “unflinching”). With good reason, it’s one of the most anticipated nonfiction works of 2023.

Yellow face
William Morrow

Thriller fans should add Yellow face on their vacation wish list. A novel by the author of a bestseller Babel, follows Juniper, who steals a dead woman’s manuscript and passes it off as her own. When her newfound success is threatened, Juniper will do anything to keep it. Look for it in stores and online on May 25th.

Good for a girl: My life flows in a man's world
Penguin Press

Women’s sports often take second place to men’s, which is the crux of Lauren Fleshman’s new nonfiction work. The book is both a personal story about Fleshman’s experience as an elite runner and an overall look at how the sport has failed young female athletes.

The book, which comes out on January 10, is perfect for anyone who needs a little extra inspiration to hit the gym in the new year.

Maritime books

This mystery, by the author Clockmaker’s Daughter, crosses generations, telling the story of a cold case discovered in Australia. The book centers on Jess, a journalist, and her grandmother Nora, who has a mysterious past connected to a tragic crime. Recommended for those who like page-turners with a focus on family rather than romance.

Romantic comedy
Random House

This star-studded love story brings the sketch comedy writer into the orbit of dreamy pop star Noah Brewster. Think Saturday Night Live with a dash of rom-com energy. Romantic comedy is the sequel to Sittenfeld’s 2021 novel Rodham, a fictionalized take on Hilary Rodham Clinton, and we expect this to be just as compelling. Look for the novel in stores and online on April 4th.

Filming another great cinematic masterpiece

What can’t Tom Hanks do? The actor previously published a collection of short stories, but this novel is much more comprehensive. Set in Hollywood, it spans 80 years and tells the story of the effort that goes into making a movie. The novel, out May 9, is both imaginative and based on Hanks’ own experience in the industry.

I have some questions for you

Rebecca Makkai’s latest novel, Great believers, was the kind of book that stays in your heart. Her sequel, about a professor forced to face her tragic past, looks just as exciting. Out on February 21, the novel is equal parts literary drama about collective memory and page-turning mystery.

Alcove Press

Lovers of novels like Kirk must be ordered in advance Phaedra, a retelling of the Greek story about the daughter of King Minos of Crete and Pasiphae. The book, which comes out on January 10, is a dramatized version of Phaedra’s quest for justice after she marries Theseus. She is a lesser-known figure in Greek mythology, but she is worthy of her own story.

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